December 14, 2016

USA: Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server No Security Threat, But Russians Are Altering Emails? Right, It Didn't Make Sense To Me Too. :/

American Thinker, USA
written by Russ Vaughn
Wednesday November 2, 2016

Let's see if this old seasoned citizen can get his brain wrapped around this latest bit of liberal lying.

Earlier this year, the Clinton campaign leaders were on every available news forum in the country assuring us that even if Hillary had used her Chappaqua bathroom server to conduct the business of the nation, there was no harm because there was no evidence that anyone had hacked that totally vulnerable repository of state secrets. All the way back to the Whitewater scandal, we have been hearing that first line of defense from the Clinton's: "There is no evidence." That has sometimes proved true, because the Clintons long ago surrounded themselves with a picket of legal gunsels who have proved quite adept at burying incriminating documentation and, some would even say, witnesses.

So we were pounded with the Democrat talking points that no emails had been hacked and no harm had been done, so just move along here. I seem to recall security experts at the time opining that there was no way an unsecured server in Bill's bathroom could not have not been hacked by even minimally competent foreign security services, reports that were roundly ridiculed by Democrat sock puppets. Remember the Dems insisting that it was laughable that the Russians could be in possession of all those emails residing in the Clinton crapper?

But now that we know that WikiLeaks possibly has access to everything that was on that illegal server and is releasing it to the public in its digital version of death by a thousand cuts, what a difference has occurred in the Democrat position. Suddenly, we are being told by all those same Democrat sock puppets who denied so vehemently that the Russians could conceivably be in possession of Hillary's emails that we can't possibly believe the content of those emails being released by WikiLeaks because the Russians have altered their contents to reflect badly on Clinton because Vladimir Putin is Donald Trump's BFF and is interfering in the American election process on his behalf.

And some of you want to put these disgustingly inconsistent, incompetent, and insidious political thugs in charge of our country? There's a term for folks like you, too.

FBI Director James Comey at Congressional Hearing Said, "Hillary Clinton's Private Server, Used for 100% of Her State Dept Email, Was Less Secure than Gmail."

Breitbart News
written by Ian Hanchett
July 7, 2016

During testimony before Congress on Thursday, FBI Director James Comey stated that the servers maintained by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were less secure than a Gmail account.

Comey was asked whether a previous statement he made comparing Clinton’s servers to Gmail was implying “that the private email servers of Secretary Clinton’s were perhaps less secure than a Gmail account, that is used for free, by a billion people around this planet?”

He answered, “Yes, and I’m not looking to pick on Gmail. Their security is actually pretty good. The weakness is in the individual users. But, yes, Gmail has full time security staff, and thinks about patching and logging and protecting their systems in a way that was not the case here.”

UPDATE 12/14/2016 at 4:30pm: It looks like Hillary Clinton and her campaign are doing an about face about Russia hacking her emails and now claiming "inside leaks" to keep Hillary Clinton from going to jail for using a private email server kept in her home to do highly classified, highly confidential US government work she was hired to do as a US State Secretary.

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