December 14, 2016

Gemini Super Full Moon ON December 13-14th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Dear Friends,


The themes for this full moon are truth, community, inspiration, creating new vision and of course compassion and kindness. The paradox is being able to hold a very clear vision of what you wish to create in the future at the same time as keeping a true “don’t know mind” and being unattached both to the process and the outcome.

Spend some time today being inspired by your own life. Forget about what others are doing for a moment and focus on what you are doing and what you wish to do. Are you true to yourself, your spiritual and moral compass, and your true desires? If not, why not?

Acknowledge all experiences as useful even if uncomfortable. For things happening in your life that are less than “great”, adopt the following attitude: “Do I like it? No. Does it feel good? Not really. Is it necessary? Probably.”

And most of all, have gratitude for all of it. After all, it is a great ride.

Blessings, Lena
I added this picture above to this astrological message.
Astrological Notes:

Gemini Full Moon
Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini ~ 22ยบ
Tuesday, December 13, 5:05 PM Mountain Time
(Wed. Dec. 14, 1:05 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

A Gemini Moon/Sagittarius Sun cycle highlights the air and fire mental realms in this last cycle before the turn at Solstice. Here we look across the continuum of the power of the small (Gemini) and the power of the great (Sagittarius). Gemini is the fact-finding, networking, list-making part of our mental capacities, while Sagittarius is the big picture visionary sorting out experience to help us find the wisdom and guidance to move towards the ideal. From the ideal, Sagittarius constructs the law, academic principles, and religious precepts.

Mercury ruler

Mercury rules Gemini and our thinking, communicating mind, and this fast moving planet is now traveling with Pluto, the one who excavates the depths and exposes the hidden, shadowy and mysterious and teaches us about power. Expect what you say and think to have greater power now and possibly to reveal what, up until now, has been unspoken – even unthinkable. For the next 10 days or so the Moon’s ruler, Mercury, will be participating in the powerful T-Square of Uranus squaring Pluto and Jupiter opposing Uranus and enlarging the powers of both. As fast moving Mercury passes through this formation, it wants to pick up any messages that these grand agents of change, evolution, and revolution have to share that need broadcasting. Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are concerned with messages about our power out in the world and if it is being wielded with integrity. Each stick in the bundle is being tested and strengthened at the points of weakness.

There is complexity here. Saturn is traveling with the powerful Sun, source of all power, both in Sagittarius. They are one corner of a Mystic Rectangle, a wonderfully beneficial configuration that is formed of trines and sextiles (ease and opportunity). The four corners look like this: Sun-Saturn, Uranus, Moon, Jupiter. An optimistic and practical formation for changing business as usual, bringing in the long view, getting the word out that it will take every individual to step up and give their fairest gift. A Mystic Rectangle is more practical and down to earth than it sounds.


Uranus is in both the T-Square and the Mystic Rectangle. There’s tremendous support for revolutionary ideas, humanitarian actions and more conscious awareness in each and every player in the game. The qualities of fairness, justice, freedom, and idealism are available by the bucketfuls. Saturn will help us focus and channel the forces that threaten to overwhelm by taking a step-by-step approach. Sun/Saturn brings energy to creating supportive structures, better accountability, and help clearing space and letting go. The levels of Uranian chaos are overwhelming (and necessary) to cut loose from the old. Saturn in Sag (2014-2017) is about that edge of moral awakening and learning the power of having faith. How will you find wisdom and guidance at a time when the known ways are collapsing? What has meaning to you?

Sagittarius is symbolized by the centaur ~ half human, half animal. Sagittarius rules the powerful thighs, hips that move us forward, and the liver and sciatic nerve. The human half of the centaur is aimed at the visionary future, the elevated consciousness, while the animal body is rooted to the rhythms and instincts of the natural world. Many are turning towards the wisdom and guidance in the nature-based indigenous ways, to those that have held onto their relationship to the elemental forces of our planet ~ earth, air, fire, water. At times it seems our animals, our pets, those in the wild who show themselves to us are our closest indigenous teachers.


Chiron, also a centaur and master teacher of nature’s wisdom, is squaring the Sun and Moon. Chiron is honored and respected as wise teacher, healer of wounds, bridge between two worlds. Half mortal, half immortal (just like you), he challenges the Sun and Moon, our masculine and feminine selves to heal and teach and bridge through compassion (Pisces) and higher love, to not be trapped and blocked by addictions that suck the life out of us, to let imagination, creativity and serving the highest good lead the way.

The Long View

You’re living in a hugely transitional era. (Think the French revolution, Great Depression cycles). The next 6-12 years may find us in extreme times stripping away long relied upon structures and sending us to the underworld where we will hopefully come out empowered and stronger for the experience. The huge resistance to change and growth that’s present only builds up more steam and power for movement. It’s a chaotic time frame we find ourselves in as we let go of the old framework but don’t yet have the agreement of the new structure. It’s taxing to live with the ‘not knowing’. Full integration of a major transit like the Uranus-Pluto cycle takes decades. Optimism lies with the truth that we have the most enlightened team possible on board for this metamorphosis. Many Boomers trained their whole lives for this era and many Millennials are wired with the skills necessary for the change.

Set some limits for the excesses of the holidays in terms of time. Mercury begins its final retrograde of the year on December 19 at 15ยบ Capricorn. It turns direct on January 8, so the New Year begins with an inward focus. Mars will enter pacifist Pisces just hours before retrograde, so you just may feel the focus soften at that time.

Solstice on December 21 calls those in the North to go within, take time for quiet and contemplation, and drawing your sap inward to replenish and strengthen your vitality; those in the Southern regions are expanded outward to the highest point of the Sun’s path. Get grounded in what has meaning for you and stay out of others’ personal dramas. Celebrate the gifts of your body and the Earth. Make generous offerings for the many blessings of your life and bless it All.

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