December 30, 2016

Capricorn New Moon On December 28/29th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at


This is a great day to bring in new expanded ideas about how you can improve your life. Remember to include kindness in all of your interactions with others not only on this day but throughout the whole month.

In your goal setting and new intentions be sure to include how you will use your inner masculine to support how you want to show up in the coming year and what action you want to take to improve your life and stay in that higher vibration and the positive aspects of the influences for 2017.

Happy New Year!


Astrological Notes:

Capricorn New Moon
Sun and Moon in Capricorn ~ 8ยบ
Wednesday, December 28 11:53 PM Mountain Time
(Thursday, Dec 29, 6:53 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Passing the Solstice was the cake; beginning a New Moon cycle in Capricorn a week later is the icing on that cake of reset and begin again – New Years a technical afterthought. Capricorn’s lessons are about showing up, taking responsibility, working within whatever limitations are present, pushing your limits, and treating the material world as the sacred manifestation it is meant to be. As an earth sign, Capricorn is all about making it happen right here in their lives, for their loved ones, for the community they value. Do they have ambitions, goals? Yes, without a doubt. They are very clear about how they want life to unfold and they are not dreamers waiting for it to drop into their laps. They are practical doers with the sure-footedness of the sea-goat that is their symbol climbing the mountain of their achievements.

How does Capricorn hold their focused attention? Well, their Saturn ruler definitely has something to do with it. Saturn, Lord of Time, Keeper of Karma, keeps them disciplined, motivated, determined. The energy to get organized, make a plan, not get distracted, and go for it comes from Saturn. So what can you do with this somewhat unfestive energy is take the time now to make two lists: One for all the things you want to get rid of and one for all your goals and objectives for 2017. Get detailed. Use the Capricorn juice of this New Moon to get focused.

Saturn lends a great deal of maturity (and also the dry humor) to this cardinal (initiating) earth sign. The Saturn influenced are often said to be old when they are young, and young when they are old- we all have this steadying influence somewhere in our charts. Capricorn rules the bones (where we hold our oldest patterns), skeleton and joints, and especially knees. This lends the qualities of stability and the love of the traditional. Put together bones, tradition, and achieving and you get the builders and protectors of the structures that hold our economy together such as business, corporations, financial systems, and government – the Father energy. With Pluto moving through Capricorn from 2008-2024, we see a powerful transformation of these traditional structures in the works.

Saturn as ruler of the chart is exactly square Chiron at 21ยบ Sag-Pisces. Chiron has been pretty active lately, so it means some necessary healing work is taking place. Have you had the feeling lately that some very old festering material is being drawn up to be dealt with and hopefully stop reappearing in new forms. Well, your intuition is serving you well if that’s the case; you’re in good company. The principle here is clear: When the opportunity to draw down healing energy to a core wound presents itself, as is possible in this kind of aspect, dig deep. This is where your power lies buried waiting to be excavated. Sure, there’s a lot of vulnerability, surrender and loss of ego involved, but there is the treasure of being tested and found strong and capable on the other side. Your maturity bank account will be increased. We often see these lessons at the Saturn returns at 29 and 58 years old, but 35, 42, 49, 65, 72 etc. (also 7, 14, 21) have their calling cards of Saturn lessons.

A gang of planets is moving together through Capricorn all highly influenced by that Saturn-Chiron square. Picture Mercury (communication), Moon (emotional needs, security), Sun (energy, will, purpose), and Pluto (power, mystery, transformation) all out roving around your life looking to strengthen and mobilize you. A second Piscean gang is also out there. Neptune (connection to the invisible world), Mars (hard-wired action), South Node (the unresolved from the past), and Pallas Athena (creative wisdom, strategist) are aligned to dissolve what you have believed to be true and expose you to the dream that honors and invites in Spirit for guidance and support. The Good News: these are not rival gangs, au contraire. These earth and water signs are highly compatible, work together well, and as the feminine elements, are here to support and guide you. Saturn is even trining Uranus, helping ease the shift in consciousness we’re knee deep in and take the heat off the Pluto/Uranus square at present.

Speaking of Uranus, on December 29, this eccentric and rebellious planet turns direct and begins moving forward at 20ยบ Aries after five months of retrograde. Uranus has been closely joined to Ceres, nourisher and midwife to sacred rites, and birth and death journeys, and to Eris that bold and unsoothable warrior goddess who will not stand for social injustice. In Aries, this is a formidable energy of showing up and taking action in your life wherever you are feeling oppressed. Many struggle to integrate their feelings into their relationships and we may see the support of Juno, sacred consort and goddess of committed relationship traveling closely with Saturn help bring balance and clarity to the ways we partner. It may be a good time to hold in your heart all the qualities you value in your partnerships. Eris and Ceres are conjunct exactly on December 31.

If you are blessed with clear skies in early January, watch for the crescent Moon conjunct Venus late at night on New Year’s Day – so lovely. Also, the Quadrantids meteor shower on January 4 can be very spectacular.

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