November 10, 2016

USA: Awesome Message To Disgruntled Hillary Supporters, To All The Trump Is Not My President Angry Americans.

My message to all of the #NotMyPresident angry Americans. That's okay that you hate Donald Trump. No one is saying Americans can't be anti-Trump. I couldn't stand President Obama this entire 8-year nightmare. I didn't agree with anything Obama did while he was president. But that's exactly what makes our country great. We're not stuck with leaders we can't stand. We work hard to vote them out next election, unless of course the leader surprises us and turns out to win us over somehow. But President Obama never shifted away from his extreme left ideology. But that's okay. Now Donald J. Trump won this election fair and square and it's his turn to steer the helm away from the iceberg Obama was driving US Titanic into just in the nick of time.

I voted for Trump because we desperately need a massive economic shift in our country that will benefit ALL Americans. We have so many unemployed and underemployed across America. Part-time work is great to have available, but if that's the only choice out there for most, well that's not good for America. My main concern is our economy, homeland security, and I'm hoping law and order can be restored after the 8-year nightmare of Obama Marxist and Islamist supporters rioting across America.

I was born American, I am a 46-year-old educated female with a bachelor's degree in Finance, I am gay since my childhood, a Christian who loves Jesus and loves America, a Capitalist, pro-gun, pro-life, half Mexican, quarter Lebanese, quarter French, and I VOTED for Trump. Yes I did. And NO, I am not going to apologize for not falling into any of your stereotypes that even the "no labels" people use ironically lol ;)

I am a human being first that wants to be self-sufficient, and wants a leader who will enable our economy to provide an opportunity to succeed in life for all of us, and keep us safe. My private life is just that... PRIVATE. Our president no matter who it is, is responsible to ensure that We the People continue to have unalienable rights as described in our Declaration of Independence; the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. State and local laws affect our daily lives more, affect our community where we live, work and play more. In my opinion our president no matter who it is, needs to keep our economy humming on a national level and take care of homeland security.

Did you know that Donald J. Trump has always been a Democrat and Independent? He's always been socially Liberal. He is not against the LGBT community. That was all a LIE from the left as were many many ugly lies spread about him so that they could get votes for criminal Hillary.

The left really did spread tons of lies and scared the shit out of everybody on the left and even the middle. NO, he will not deport all illegal immigrants. He wants to change the laws attributed to illegal immigrants that are guilty of heinous crimes committed in America. They get arrested and sent back to Mexico. Then Mexico doesn't keep them incarcerated and Mexico releases the criminals and the criminal illegal immigrants find their way back into America, and continue to commit heinous crimes, and eventually these illegal criminal immigrants find their way to sactuary cities for protection and never pay for any of their heinous crimes. Any American in their right mind would agree this does need to change. READ MORE HERE PolitiFact Sheet: Donald Trump’s immigration plan.

and the other big lie about banning Muslims is outrageous. He was referring to the Syrian refugees and the serious need to vet them before they are brought here. I mean come on people, Islamic militants already said they were going to blend in with the Islamist refugees and have been caught entering other Western nations already. So why not protect our self-interests, protect OUR PEOPLE, protect OUR LAND. Muslim Americans should agree about wanting to protect all of us from terrorist who have blatantly said they want to kill Americans. We already vet ALL immigrants if they are communist, that's part of the immigration questions, paperwork that must be filled out by anybody wanting to get a green card or visa. Trump never said he was going to ban ALL Muslims or ban ALL Muslim immigrants that has been another lie by the left. AND for heaven's sake, stop acting like victims. You are either for us, or against us. You either want to help our law enforcement or you don't. The common denominator amongst the terrorists worldwide, in the thousands, is they are hardcore practicing Islamist. We're not going to pussyfoot around this issue anymore. Just because Obama erased any mention of Islam associated with terrorism doesn't make it okay.
So here is the awesome message I wanted to share with you that was written to a disgruntled Hillary supporter by a lady named Shirley who wrote this in the comments section of an article I was reading on Facebook:

"WOW! I'm going to let all you upset Hillary supporters in on a little secret.

To those of you questioning now how you will ever be able to raise a child in a world full of hate and bigotry, saying this election has provided even a further wedge in our nation's divide, etc. Donald J. Trump will not come into your home and teach your children real values and morals, you will.

He will not hold your hand and walk you down the street and tell you to smile when you pass a stranger, you will.

He will not teach your children to not see color, gender, nor disabilities, you will.

He will not teach your children to be open-minded toward others beliefs, views, and opinions, you will.

WE are the ones that shape our communities, WE are the only ones that can solve this racial divide, and WE are the ones that can really make the difference in our lives, our children's lives, and each others lives.

But, some things he will do is clean up this mess of a tax system, healthcare system; strengthen our military, back the blue, support our vets, bring jobs back, strengthen our borders, and sustain our given rights as Americans. All so that you CAN raise a child in a safe and great America.

The rest is up to you, and up to US as Americans.

The days of handouts, the blame game, and participation trophies are officially over, take on responsibility for your behaviors.

Be an adult.

Now...Let's HELP make America GREAT again!!!!"

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