November 13, 2016

Taurus Full Moon Is On Monday, November 14th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

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Dear Friends,


This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has percolated just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity about it. This is an expansive, inspired time where you actually may be able to see how something you thought improbable is suddenly very possible. Problems that were lurking finally have solutions to them. This will inspire you, uplift you and bring some positivity to your day. If you have had something wonderful happen recently, make sure you take the time to honor it, celebrate it, and receive it with joy and gratitude.

Blessings, Lena

Astrological Notes:

Taurus Full Moon
Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus
Monday, November 14, 6:52 AM Mountain Time
(November 14, 1:52 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

We have the blessing of a feminine, Venus-ruled sign coming into its fullness. Being the power sign of the Earth element makes it full of physical strength and patience, and gives a realistic, grounded point of view. Taurus is the sign of our self-worth. From the eyes of Spirit, you are so valuable, so precious, and you are in a body learning to manifest the Divine into the physical plane. Through Taurus, the most physical of signs, you are given physical senses, -you know, sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, movement, and beyond, and through our thoughts and senses we bring our dreams, visions, agreements, lessons and whatever we put our attention on into manifestation in the physical world. Have a look around you. What are you creating in your life? What are you putting your powerful gift of creativity into manifesting around you? – In your environment, your relationships, your material abundance?

What Taurus loves is (think sensual here) good company, palate-pleasing food, wine, music, beauty, comfort, pleasure ~ the enjoyment of abundance. Taurus, along with the second house and Venus, rules your finances, spending/earning, money, resources, and what you value (appreciate), along with your self-worth. Taurus is solidly connected to nature and all her gifts. Taurus brings the qualities of industriousness, reliability and integrity along with common sense, kind-heartedness, a love of peaceful domesticity and notable artistry to wherever it sits in your chart. Taurus rules some area of our life even among the flightiest of us, and that is the area that will be highlighted at this Full Moon. Taurus, The Bull, rules the neck, the throat, voice, thyroid, parathyroid, the tongue. They’re prone to sore throats, stiff necks, hormone imbalance, and weight issues. And stubbornness!

This November Full Moon will be exceptionally bright as it is the brightest SuperMoon since 1948 and will not be this bright again until 2034. So bright, because it’s closest to the Earth (perigee) exerting extra gravitational pull for several nights on the tides, our bodies and emotional bodies as well.

Jupiter square Pluto/Jupiter opposing Uranus 2016-17

Let’s look to some bigger cycles here. Jupiter entered Libra in early September and is aligning to make the first of three exact squares to PLUTO on November 24. This arc will cover most of 2017 with exact squares on March 30 and August 4, 2017. (Don’t exhale yet…) Jupiter will also oppose URANUS in Aries also 3 times on December 26, March 2 and September 27, 2017. This creates a T-square configuration lasting until next fall. TENSE! Jupiter holds a larger social-political focus and greatly enflames and enhances whatever it touches bringing understanding, optimism, ethical considerations and a broadening global vision (but also exaggeration and excessiveness). Luckily, Jupiter is in Libra putting the focus on balance, compromise and relationship. But when you get anywhere near Pluto or Uranus you are in for some major inner transformative results (Pluto) and some explosive, revolutionary outer shifts (Uranus). This is not new energy for us as we all experienced the dynamics of 2012-2015 as Pluto-Uranus made their exact squares, but now a major player (Jupiter/Zeus/the King) will be triggering those forces of change and transformation. Jupiter is the gift giver, the beneficial one, the bringer of prosperity. Jupiter rules growth, expansion and faith, hope, and optimism, so in many respects we are entering a period of learning to have faith that we are expanding in the right direction and creating the vision for ourselves and our society that we want to see manifest. There is always backlash to deep fundamental change. The ego’s function of protection and survival is threatened. We feel discomfort, challenged, confronted. These are growing pains. Jupiter rules the liver, so let this be a period of cleansing, not overindulgence. May the ‘jovial’ side of Jupiter help you hold optimism and a sense of humor for the excessive drama all around us.

Saturn/Pluto USA chart

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since the election season of the USA began in fall 2015. Many of our lessons have come through that lens. Sag brings up issues of moral and ethical behavior and ideals. What is the truth? Issues of legality surface and are scrutinized. The political parties are rethinking what they stand for. In the chart of the birth of the USA July 4, 1776, we now find Saturn crossing over the US Sagittarius rising sign for the last two months and transiting Pluto opposing the nation’s natal Sun, Cancer 13ยบ. Big lessons about who we are, what we stand for and a transformative time in our identity. Some deep soul searching, trolling of our shadow as a nation and huge power struggles are taking place. One can’t emphasize enough how important it is to hold the vision or shoot the arrow of the Sagittarian archer’s bow in the direction you want it to lead us.

Neptune/South Node/Psyche

Slow-moving Neptune’s Piscean energy is so strong now as it joins the South Node just days after Full Moon. It is readying to move direct after five months of retrograde and is powerful, intensified and nearly at standstill (9ยบ). Letting go of deep sorrow, blame and victimhood buried deep within the unconscious parts of ourselves is our true work. Forgiveness, compassion, service have always been Neptune/Pisces’ most powerful tools. Our reward is greater access to our creativity, imagination and profound intuitive abilities. Clearing those vestiges from the past allows the opening of channels leading directly to the spiritual realms where you begin to work in tandem with all the help of Spirit. Do not underestimate the negative pole of Neptune: illusion, denial, escapism, and deceit. They will try to block you from your true relationship to Spirit and your own essence. Neptune conjunct South Node is a rare and powerful occurrence! Also a mandate! Asteroid Psyche also sits exactly at this 9ยบ Pisces point bringing in the element of testing to burnish the soul so it can be worthy of the unity of love. It’s the elevating of the mortal to the immortal of the feminine soul in all of us. The dance of the masculine and feminine continues as the feminine awakens and evolves in the spiral of life.

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