November 2, 2016

CHINA: Chinese High Beam Offenders Made To Sit In Front Of Headlights :o

written by Ben Hooper
Wednesday November 2, 2016

SHENZHEN, China -- A Chinese police department is punishing drivers who abuse their high beams by making them sit in front of a car with its brights on for a minute.

Shenzhen Traffic Police posted photos to their official Weibo account showing various people being made to sit in a special green chair placed directly in front of a car with its high beam headlights blasting directly toward their faces.

"Tonight we are carrying out punishments using a high beam," the post reads.

Driving with high beams blinding drivers traveling in the opposite direction carries a $44 fine in China, and police told reporters sitting in front of the high beams for 60 seconds is optional -- but it was unclear whether sitting in front of the beams was an alternative to paying the fine or an additional punishment.

Some commenters blasted the practice as "a human rights violation," but many residents fed-up with drivers who abuse their brights voiced support for the Shenzhen Traffic Police's initiative.

"Am I the only one who thought a minute was too short?" one commenter wrote on Weibo.

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