September 16, 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces On Friday September 16th. Bringing In Passion And Psychic Awakenings by Tania Gabrielle

Full Moon September 16, 2016
Courage and Fire
written by Tania Gabrielle

On September 16 a most passionate and psychic Lunar Eclipse in Pisces changes everything…

A Lunar Eclipse is a heightened Full Moon experience – placing the magnifying glass on your relationships, intimate partnerships and rebalancing you energetically in every part of your life.

This Pisces Full Moon Eclipse is an emotional cleansing experience – and since it happens during a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – it carries a powerful remembrance in you that …
  • YOU are a living, breathing intuitive navigation tool.
  • Your psychic barometer is always accessible through your feelings.
  • To cry, laugh, sing, release, rejoice, surrender – to express it ALL right now.
  • And that September 16/7 heralds unexpected and powerful changes in your life.
A very intense T-square is being activated by the Sun and Moon both forming a 90° square MARS… rarely does anything feel as PRIMAL as this energy.

Be sure to watch the important video forecast so you know how this powerful Eclipse in Pisces will affect you in the next six months – including:
  • What does Venus opposite Uranus add in excitement?
  • And the placement of this Lunar Eclipse in the last decan of Pisces?
  • At 24° there is a powerful message about the 24 hours in the day.. and of you nurturing love and passion.
This is a moment of internal breakthroughs – where your inner intuitive and your natural desire for passion merge in one powerful energetic exchange…

Have a spectacular Lunar Eclipse!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle

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