July 3, 2016

The 3 L's To Live Life In A Relaxed Way

The 3 L's To Live Life In A Relaxed Way

Just live life in a relaxed way, with no hurry, with no worry, as if nothing is serious, living life joyously, playfully, from moment to moment, not bothering about the past, not bothering about the future either, not bothering at all; whatsoever happens is good and whatsoever does not happen is also good. Taking things with such calmness and equanimity brings a restful spirit. Slowly slowly the whole turmoil settles and suddenly there is bliss, out of nowhere it starts welling up.

You become flooded with light, with life, with love.

Those are the three dimensions of bliss. It makes you more light-full, makes you more life-full, makes you more love-full. And when all these three L’s — these are the learned, one has arrived home.

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