July 20, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon Tuesday July 19th by Lena Stevens and Patricia Liles at PowerPath.

Running of the Goats lol why? Why not? They're so adorable.
Did they make you smile? Ah come on. Lighten up a bit. Enjoy them.
Capricorn's zodiac symbol is the goat. :)

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


Work with the earth during this full moon. It is a time to ground and anchor new truth, new personal practices, new intentions, new resolutions, new relationships and new ideas. If you are still operating out of old structures, they may take the opportunity to self-destruct.

In fact, this full moon could bring in a time of witnessing the self-destruction of old outdated structures. On the other hand, it can also bring in a new frequency of energy that invites us all to play in that higher emotional center. It is a time when all of these snippets of inspiration and exciting new ideas can be anchored into a more grounded reality. The key will be balance.

Focus on balance especially balancing time for yourself and self care with what you put out for others. What you gift yourself during this time will truly nurture you at a deep physical level.

Focus on love! For yourself and for others.


Astrological Notes:

Capricorn Full Moon
Sun in Cancer 27º~ Moon in Capricorn 27º
Tuesday, July 19 4:56 PM Mountain Daylight Time
(July 19, 10:56 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Cancer is the sign of nurturing, The Mother, and as the Sun passes through this part of the heavens our inward focus for self nourishment of the emotional body is prominent and in need of our attention. Capricorn is her opposite balancing partner, a cardinal, earth sign to Cancer’s cardinal, water quality. Capricorn, The Father, embodies the qualities of the outer masculine, showing up in the outer world, and seeks to take spiritual energy and make it manifest right here on Earth and channel it into building for the security of the future. While Cancer rules the home, family and private life, Capricorn and the tenth house are about your accomplishments and success in a public way, about your responsibilities to maintain the structures of society, giving back so the greater good perpetuates.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler strengthens this sign’s focus, determination, and restraint. The symbol of Capricorn is the Sea-Goat with access to two realms from the bottom of the sea to the top of the mountain and when this determined one sets its sights on accomplishment nothing detracts it from its purpose – nothing! Not delays, detours, disappointments. They just put one foot in front of the other and keep their eye on the outcome. That’s their recipe for success. They are the CEO’s, administrators, executives and elders of the zodiac. Saturn helps them stay the course, and their values tend to be on the conservative side to preserve the wisdom of those that have gone before.

Our task at present seems to be how to balance that element of our society that has gotten so far afield from its natural function of protecting, guiding, and providing safety and abundance for all. The Capricorn-ruled structures that form the skeleton of our society include the economy, business practices, corporations, financial institutions, and government functions and representatives. And what planet do we find in Capricorn? PLUTO! And Pluto, the great Transformer, has been making a long, intense journey through Capricorn since election of President Obama and the economic crash in November of 2008. Pluto is exactly midway through its time in Capricorn 15º and will not move into Aquarius until 2023.

In fact, our country, the United States of America, was founded when Pluto was in the last degrees of Capricorn. Pluto’s cycle is 248 years long, and in about 2022, Pluto will return to the original point where this country began for the first time. 1776 was a time of revolution and resistance of oppressive circumstance, of embracing new ideals of the ‘inalienable’ rights of all, of balancing the power of the few over the many.

Pluto in Capricorn has exposed the corruption of power in the areas it rules for all to see. Pluto in this Full Moon Capricorn chart is in positive relationship to the North and South Nodes – our destiny points (our point of growth and learning and our point of karma we have brought in to resolve). We’re on the right track; the story is changing; the balancing influences of the feminine are becoming ever more visible, our intentions are gathering strength and focus.

We again have the powerful influence of a Grand Trine with planets in all three water signs – Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces 25º exact two days before Full Moon, but still a strong, positive energy connecting us with our emotional bodies and with any nurturing and healing that is needed especially issues with the masculine (Mars). With both Mercury and Venus in Leo, we can find the courage to express ourselves vividly and with authority if need be.

Beautiful Venus has just begun to reappear from behind the Sun’s magnificent light in the evening sky in the west. She has completed her journey to the underworld. We’ve missed her beautiful presence and she will now rise higher and brighter in the night sky until March 2017.

Only about 6 more weeks of Jupiter in practical Virgo, so reaffirm your vow to get organized and get rid of the unnecessary, and let go of feeling unworthy of love, joy, abundance, so you will be ready to start Jupiter’s year-long cycle in partnership-oriented Libra in early September.

Let’s access our retrograde situation:
  • Saturn retrograde until Aug 13 (5 mos.)
  • Neptune retrograde until November 20 (5 mos.)
  • Pluto retrograde until September 26 (5 mos.)
  • Uranus turns retrograde on July 29 until Dec. 29 (5 mos.)

So, at least Mars is out of retrograde and slowly moving towards August 22nd when it regains the degree where it began retrograding from and that should kick the energy up. The big planets continue to counsel use what you know, go inside, slow your life down, reconvene your inner counsel of elders and allies and listen to what they offer.

Neptune in Pisces insists on stretching us to the limits of what we can hold compassion for ~ and then asks more of us. At the same time Saturn and Neptune are squaring and moving towards their last exact meeting on September 10th. This cycle culminates in 2020 and now, in the closing square phase pressures us to evolve; there’s no escaping it. The square of Neptune and Saturn began in November of 2015. We are being tested and strengthened and sometimes our fearful, addicted self is loud and needy and sometimes our humble, mature, disciplined self is showing up and reaping rewards, and all the while we’re getting a little higher ‘up the mountain’, and a little closer to where we want to be, while noticeably more awake and conscious in our daily lives.

The eclipse period is on the horizon coming in September ~ solar eclipse on September 1st and a lunar eclipse on September 16th. The next visible total solar eclipse in the USA is on Aug 17, 2017.
The following are all Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
  • 07/22 Sun enters Leo 3:30 AM MDT
  • 08/02 Leo New Moon 11º 2:45 PM MDT
  • 08/18 Aquarius Full Moon 26º 3:27 AM MDT

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