June 18, 2016

TURKEY: Muslim Group Plans Genocide at Turkey's Gay Pride Parade To Be Held Next Sunday On June 26th :(

Louder with Crowder
written by Team Crowder
Friday June 17, 2016

It’s been five days since the terror attack in Orlando (WATCH: Orlando Victim Reunites With Cop Who Saved Him). Guess who’s still threatening gays? Hint: not guns. Nope, not the NRA. Christians? NOPE. Apparently an Islamic group has been pressuring the Turkish government to call off a gay Pride parade. If they don’t, well…
One day after [the Orlando attack] a group called the Anatolia Muslim Youth Association (MAG) called for an “intervention” against the “immoral” LGBT Pride March to be held on June 26 in Istanbul’s Taksim. [A]n ultranationalist youth organization threatened on June 14 to “take all risks necessary to stop the march.”

Vowing not to allow “immoral people to perform their fantasies,” the organization’s Istanbul provincial head… vowed to give a “very clear and harsh response” if the state did not interfere. “They can do whatever they want by gathering somewhere, but we definitely don’t want them to walk naked on the sacred soil of our country in the blessed month of Ramadan,” Mican said, playing the sure-to-work Ramadan card.
Are gay Pride parades unsightly? Yes. Hundreds of dudes in leather harnesses – you do the math. Still, not worthy of death. Islamists feel differently, obviously. As they say, “Death is the sentence” for dude loving dudes. And lesbians. Or more accurately, girls who look like dudes who love girls who look like dudes. The point is, gays have a huge target on their bedazzled backs. Hence why we’ve been urging them to arm themselves (see Dear LGBT Community: Get Yourself Some Guns. Now.). While leftists have decided to leave LGBT out in the cold in order to focus on gun control, Muslims are upping their game.

But just you wait, if something terrible befalls the LGBT groups in Turkey, the left will blame anything other than Islam. There’s no NRA over there, so obviously it’ll be the Christians’ fault somehow. Or climate change. Never forget how climate change brings out the crazy.

Despite being “extremists” and allegedly not accounting for the whole of Islam, these sods certainly affected the whole of Turkey. Their temper tantrum worked. Turkey caved and canceled the event due to “security concerns.” That’s code for “We don’t want to be blown up.” #LoveIslamWins

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