June 28, 2016

ENGLAND: Thatcher "Described The ‘European Project’ As The Greatest Folly Of The Modern Era." #Brexit

Breitbart news
written by Nile Gardiner
Thursday June 23, 2016

Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation and a former aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon Thursday, “I think she would be greatly saddened by the fact that Britain is still part of the European Union.”

Gardiner went on to say, “If she were alive today, no doubt that Margaret Thatcher would be actively campaigning for Britain to leave the EU. In fact, she described the ‘European project’ as the greatest folly of the modern era. It was certainly her desire that Britain should leave the European Union.”

“Europe today really is a basket case,” added Gardiner.

As for the larger implications of the vote, he said:
This referendum is hugely important not just for Britain, but also for Europe, for the future, I think, of the free world–and also for the United States, as well. This is ultimately a battle, a fight for sovereignty, self determination, the right to make your own laws. The right for your courts to be sovereign. … And it’s also about the right to control your own borders. … So all of these issues are fundamentally important, as well, for America. The very principles and ideals that the American people cherish are the same principles and ideals that people are fighting for today in this referendum, which is why I think that Americans should instinctively support Brexit. … Anything that advances the cause of freedom on the world stage is a good thing.
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