May 6, 2016

New Moon In Taurus On May 6th - Love, Liberation And JOY by Tania Gabrielle


An extraordinarily wonderful Taurus New Moon will appear on May 6!

It happens at 8:29 pm Universal Time (London), and 3:29 pm in New York (Eastern time) and 12:29 pm Pacific time – May 7 in Asia and Oceania.

The big themes for this Taurus Moon are love, abundance, nurturing and compassion.

You’ll feel much lighter with this lunation – it’s one of the most peaceful, happy and blessed moons of 2016!

The month of May will carry different energetics from April in the numerology code too,helping you to feel lighter, have more fun, be flexible as you go out and explore and take more chances. You’re going for it this month!

This energy is all about setting you free…

Plus three days after the New Moon, on May 9, we have another extraordinary celestial celebration that will reverberate deeply in you…

Have a wonderful Taurus NEW Moon!

Love and Abundant Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle


written by Tania Gabrielle
Thursday April 28, 2016

Today Mercury stations retrograde at 23° in Taurus – 23 is the Royal Star of the Lion Number of strength and courage.

The degree number at the time a planet stations direct or retrograde is very important. This frequency reveals the kind of experience we will have during the planet’s new cycle. With 23, you are invited to feel utterly FREE to choose your most JOYFUL outcome!

Mercury retrograde in Taurus at 23° is saying:

Each experience, each adventure in life, regardless of its outcome, is perfect in its nature!

So live today and every day deciding from a place of love.

23, which reduces to the pivot point number 5, reminds you – until you can accept that both light and dark are the language of God, that both rest and action, tension and harmony encompass all of life, then extending love and compassion to yourself and to everyone (regardless of judgment), may not make sense.

This is a powerful retrograde in a powerful Earth sign for other reasons:
  • Mercury joins four other planets retrograding already – Pluto, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn – making it a very rare moment when FIVE planets are moving backwards.
  • In the middle of Mercury’s retrograde cycle this tiny planet will be creating a rare planetary Eclipse as it transits over the Sun on May 9 – right in the mid-degrees of Taurus.
It’s an invitation to live in the Present – and that means no comparisons, not projections, no judgment and feelings of superiority / inferiority.

Comparisons only invite judgment and take away your most important resource– comparisons and judgment sever your connection to your inner light, disrupting the instant connection to all of Creation, to the Source of Life.

ACCEPT how you feel. EMBBRACE how you feel.

Forget about what you should do, what the status quo expectations are.

Be totally pure – simple and serene. Just like Taurus. Share your true VOICE – Taurus and Venus invite you to express your inner beauty.

Something is clearing up for you right now on such a deep level – you’ll not be able to deny the Truth of what you discover!

So speak spontaneously, anytime you feel compelled to. Express your true voice, the message in your soul.

This is a time of the deepest AHA moments. Once you experience a true “knowing” to the core –you can’t go back.

With five planets in retrograde your inner AWARENESS is ACUTE! Your opportunities for healing are so expansive! Trust your feelings to the core. Your mind and heart are joined together in reflection, and this allows you to naturally bypass division, self-doubt and self-judgment.

Your inner life is the only true life.

Our inner resources reverberate with the pulse of our soul’s divine blueprint.

Accept the clear messages from your astoundingly beautiful soul.

Welcome the wondrous insights.

This Mercury Retrograde – joining Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mars – is such an extraordinary opportunity to REFLECT and TRUST.

Whatever comes up for you, allow it in.

All retrogrades are divine invitations to reconnect with Source.

Five retrogrades at once implores you to seek out your greatest re-source –the source that exists within YOU.

So stay in the flow. Be a willing receiver. Most of us feel more comfortable giving. Receiving is now on the agenda. As you listen, reflect and assimilate, observe in wonder as life clears out unnecessary resistance.

During this profound period you are learning to trust what is for your highest good.

You are leaving behind decisions based on past programming.

Always remember: You are perfect, you are extraordinary and all the wisdom of the universe already exists within you.

Assimilate the truth of your divine perfection into the core of your being.

The 23° “Royal Star of the Lion” says it is so, and Mercury is sending the most magnificent message.

Connect to source in deep reflection, communicate your AHAs with courage, and share your voice with the utmost freedom!

Many Blessings and Love,
Tania Gabrielle

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