April 10, 2016

Intense Aries New Moon This Past Thursday April 7th Was A SuperMoon. What It Means For You by Kelley Rosano

written by Kelley Rosano
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The Aries New Moon on April 7 is a SuperMoon. Making it a potent New Moon. The Sun and Moon are coupled with Uranus in Aries. Pluto is in Capricorn. He is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon). This is an intense New Moon. It is your fresh start to this year. Aries is pure positive energy. The Sun (will) and Moon (emotions) unite to seed your next thirty-day cycle. Aries being your first zodiac sign empowers you to be bold and courageous. This is the energy to blaze a new life path. This New Moon holds the promise of new beginnings. You are born again. What are you creating? What gives you passion? What makes you feel alive?

The Aries New Moon means you are getting a fresh start. The firepower of this planetary combination is passion. You put your heart and mind into our dreams, desires and goals. Pluto may bring up fear for you. Do not act through fear. Line up the energy first, for what you want. Visualize your victory. See yourself as successful. Then take action. Those who do not allow their fear to eclipse them will experience success. What would dare to do if you were ten times bolder? When and how have you been courageous? When and how did you last take a risk?

Uranus wants you to keep your life fresh and alive. What happens when you have one foot in the boat (new life) and one foot on the dock (old life)? Yes, your butt ends up in the water. You do not have to know how the future will work out to move forward. You are being asked to have courage. You are to have faith and trust. You may begin a new life. You may start a new career. You could start a new business. A new relationship could open your heart. These can be better than your wildest imagination. Be open. Be flexible. Make friends with change. Be open to love. Love you. Love life. Be love in action.

The ego goes into fear because it cannot control what is happening. Control is an illusion. The only thing you can control is your response to what is happening. The ego is going into fear because you have never been here before. You are charting new territory. So, when the ego pulls up past occurrences that are fear based to understand your current experience. This too is an illusion. The past does not equal the future. In other words, you cannot define what is happening now from what has occurred in your past. You are creating the future by the choices you make today. Will you choose love or fear? You are a powerful creator. Own our power. Be the authority of your life. When the ego thrusts you into fear, ask yourself, “What evidence do I have to confirm my assumptions?” You know the “What if’s?” Instead of “What if” thrusting you way out into the unknown future. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of today?” Answer zero. Your power is in the present. The future will take care of itself. The past is history. It is time to be brave. For instance, you can’t make a decision because of fear. Ask, yourself, “What would I do if I was not afraid?” Do what empowers you. Be Brave. Without risk, there can be no reward. Try. Make mistakes. This is how you learn.

Pluto is challenging the New Moon. Pluto rules death and rebirth. Pluto is about power and transformation. Who is on a power trip in your life? Are you on a power trip? It is far better for you to be the one in control. Do not allow other people to run roughshod over you. Do not force your truth or beliefs on anyone. This is a misuse of your power. The road to hell was paved with good intentions. Allow others to come to their own truth in their own time. Direct this powerful energy into positive pursuits. Focus your attention on a worthy project. Go on an outdoor adventure. Avoid negative people like the plague. They can bring you down. Use this powerful energy in physical pursuits. Projects that give you passion. What needs to change for you? Where do you need to move on? What is blocking your creativity? What is in the way of your progress? Stop arguing for your limitations. You can take action now. On the other hand, you can come back and play this drama out again. You have Free Will. You are always at choice. What are you waiting for a herd of turtles? The truth is you do have time to wait until summer to start new things. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. What are they telling you to do? What is God telling you to do? What is the Will of God for You? Align yourself with God’s Will for you and your life will be better. It makes life easier for you. If you do not know what God’s Will is for you. It is your mission to find out. You too learn from the good times. You are to Live Your Best Life. With God, All Things Are Possible. Go higher. The Light of Creator is expanding your consciousness. So that you can find new solutions to the old problems. The Aries New Moon means for you is blend the old life with the new life.

Mars will retrograde on April 17. He will be at nine degrees Sagittarius. He moves direct on June 29. Sagittarius is about your truth. It reveals your beliefs. As you evolve, so do your ideas and attitudes. Mars can be a troublemaker when he is retrograde. New plans may backfire. Plans lose their drive to succeed. Some plans fail to happen at all. Mars retrograde is a great time to work on your plans. It is not the time for starting new projects. Mars retrograde is useful in going back over and re-working your projects. This is a time for resting. You are to recharge your batteries. Move slower. You are to assimilate the changes and growth you experienced in March. Be ready to launch when Mars moves direct.

Pluto retrogrades just 19 hours after Mars. Pluto rules divine will. Mars rules ego will. We need healthy ego to be successful. You need to feel good about yourself so that Creator can use you. He cannot use you if your self-esteem is in the toilet. Follow the Will of God for your life. This is the best path to your victory. The deeper truth for your soul can emerge in the retrograde cycle. What is God’s Will for you? Why are you here at the turning of the Ages? Who are you not to shine your light? Pisces taught you that it is not about being perfect. Life is not about being right. It is about being whole. Do what empowers you. Do what makes you feel whole. Own your power.

The Aries New Moon what it means for you is to keep your life exciting and thriving. You are to throw off the dead and useless structures. Be liberated. Be free. Free your mind. Stay out of fear. You have lived many lives. Some have not so pretty endings. Release the records of death and fear that are coming up for transmutation. You are Ascending. Earth is Ascending. Release what is no longer serving you. Be brave. Be bold. Practice Supreme Self-Care. Being grounded may prove challenging for you. The intense electric energies are coursing through your veins. Truth is revealed at this New Moon. The truth of who you really are. You are a powerful creator. You have the power to change your life for the better. You have the power to change the world for the better. You can ride the transformational wave of energy. It is taking you to your victory. Do not hide your light. Do not hide your power. Be who you really are. Stand in your truth. Get clear with what you want. Then go after it. Love you. Love. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. You are loved. All Are One.

“Clarity! That is the biggest prize you are looking for. To feel clear and sure and stable—that is really what you desire.” — Abraham

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

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