March 9, 2016

New Moon In Pisces With A Solar Eclipse On March 8-9th by Lena Stevens at Powerpath.

Intro written by Lena Stevens at
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


This is the first of two eclipses this month and an excellent time to revisit your committed choices of last month and to set intentions to fire them up. Spend a bit of time contemplating what may have changed with regards to your choices, commitments and intentions. Because this time frame is more potent than usual, it is more important than ever to have as much clarity as possible about your direction and where you want to put your energy.

As the higher emotional center begins to influence and inspire us, adjustments and refinements may need to be made to original intentions. Chances are they will need to expand into a bigger picture and bigger dream. If an opportunity comes your way that “feels” right, do not hesitate to take it even though you may think it is too soon or too much. Use your intuition rather than your intellect to move toward or away from what may be showing up during this time. There is big power and big support this month, especially during the eclipse times, for stepping up and firing up something new. Take advantage of it.


Astrological Notes:

Pisces New Moon
Sun and Moon in Pisces ~ 19ยบ
Tuesday, March 8, 6:54 PM Mountain Time
(Wednesday, March 9, 1:54 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is a focus on our spiritual selves. So, in the end it’s an acceptance that everything arising in our lives is perfect and we experience unity with All That Is before we move to the rebirth of the new at Spring Equinox at 0ยบ Aries. We seem slow to get the concept. No matter. We have Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Moon, Sun, Chiron and South Node all in Pisces to show us the way. With an Eclipse as well. And a SuperMoon. ‘There is always help along the way.’ Pisces is where we come into our compassionate heart like all the forms of the feminine goddess, Quan Yin, Isis, Mother Mary, the Guadalupe, Tara… who gladly take in the sufferings and woes of all and hold them in compassionate love dissolving the burdens our human hearts are too small to carry – a form of bodhisattva service they provide. This eclipse period has the potential to be a great leap forward.

With Chiron closest to the Pisces Sun and Moon, this eclipse time can be used for deep and powerful healing. Chiron brings the medicine that makes us whole again. Body and mind are integrated like the half man, half horse of this wise, old centaur. Chiron has the quality of bridging two worlds. Just as Chiron travels between the orbits of the traditional planets and the modern more recently discovered ones like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, Chiron can teach us to bridge our practical lives and our inspired visions of a world infused with Spirit. Chiron was half human, half god; he was abandoned as an infant and raised by Apollo. His knowledge of medicinal herbs and healing made him a beloved teacher and mentor. It may be time to come out with your experiences and wisdom and share with others.

With a healing theme in mind, consider that this is the month of a solar and then a lunar eclipse bracketing the powerful Sun at Equinox. It’s one of the biggest astrological months of the year. We are being reset in a big way to hold more love, to integrate all our past experience that has gone before and forgive any remnants of the past that cling to us.

Neptune is our ruling planet at this New Moon Eclipse, and Neptune is in Pisces, its own sign. So watery and connected to the deep emotional realms, Neptune brings forward our powers of intuition, imagination and our relationship to the mystical, invisible realms. An eclipse can release monumental amounts of energy. We are in the Dream Time at this Pisces New Moon. And it is here that we can dream a new dream for the collective as well as for ourselves. You may find yourself drifting and caught by distraction, unable to focus. Your psyche is pulling you away from the linear world and into the poetic and boundary less imaginal field. This is no time to resist. It’s a highly creative time when the power in the imagination is boundless and can be used to form the future in the quantum fields.

Jupiter, in Virgo, is directly opposite the Sun and Moon in Pisces, and Jupiter sits with the North Node. The Eclipse sits on the South Node along with the panoply of planets in Pisces, and the South Node alignment will add an element of fulfilling a destiny. With so much emphasis on Pisces here, the destiny involves forgiving the past to claim your Jupiterian power. As we rolled through the Age of Pisces in the last 2000-3000 years and the dominance of the patriarchy severely unbalanced the masculine and feminine energies, we accumulated much to forgive and release, before we can begin our building of a balance of these two polarities. This Pisces eclipse is a powerful portal for that healing to take place.

If you feel your healing isn’t the focus of attention for you now, become ‘The Dreamer’ and link to Spirit for guidance for this extremely transformative time we are sharing on this planet. Jupiter, the Kingly planet, aligned with the North Node is there to help us bring the visions down to Earth and into our lives. Jupiter’s expansiveness can bring a kingly eagle’s eye view of our global times and give us the knowledge, wisdom and confidence that we can do this. Our intentions now can have humongous power behind them and blast us forward on our evolutionary path. (Always use what you’ve got to further your intentions and what we’ve got is an expansive eclipse window!)

With Ceres also within degrees of the Sun and Moon in Pisces, our relationship to the Earth is prominent. Ceres is a Mother Goddess related to the cycles of the Earth, especially agricultural cycles of fertility, growth, harvest and rebirth. Coming into balance with nature and honoring the Mother is part of the solution for our ailing society. At New Moon, take time to bless your planet, Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth and offer her honor, respect and love for all her gifts of nourishment and support.

This is a total eclipse of the Sun visible in eastern Asia, southern China, but primarily in Indonesia, Sumatra/Borneo, also northern Australia, No. and So. Korea, Japan, Pacific Ocean, western Alaska. Although you may not be in the direct path of the totality of the eclipse, it affects the whole globe.

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