March 25, 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Love and Courage Wednesday March 23rd by Tania Gabrielle

written by Tania Gabrielle

Happy beginning of Spring! Happy Autumn down South!

Coming right on the heels of the Spring Equinox will be an extraordinary Lunar Eclipse, which will create an even greater impact on us. This full moon eclipse will grace the skies on March 23 – activating the powerful, courageous “Royal Star of the Lion” number.

With the Moon in Libra and forming a harmonious aspect to Mars, this is a Lunar Eclipse of Love and Courage.

The Sun and Moon will be at 3° in Aries (courage, new beginnings) and Libra (love, balance).

Since March is both the 3rd month and a 12/3 Universal Month this year, there is a STRONG emphasis on the number 3 – imagination, optimism, sharing your heart and soul and expressing creative passion.

This Lunar Eclipse sets the stage for the next six months!

One other very important transit is also EXACT on March 23, right during the Eclipse – and it will set the stage for how you ACT on opportunities.

Two weeks ago the Pisces Solar Eclipse activated a deep healing cycle – NOW we have a strong call to Action.

Find out how BEST to direct your precious creative energy, here.

Many Blessings and Love,
Tania Gabrielle


[source: Crystal Wind]

A powerful, life-changing Full Moon Eclipse is just hours away!

This is one you want to pay attention to.

Even if you’re received this after 12 pm Universal Time in London (when the eclipse is exact), you’ll want to continue reading...

Since the effect of this celestial celebration will influence your life for at least six months (up to two years if the eclipse falls on a sensitive spot in your birth chart!).

Eclipses concentrate our experience on Earth – as if a lot of your life is packed into a short period of time!

They represent turning points ... sometimes you are unconsciously swept up into a moment that changes everything, and other times you consciously engage in manifesting the change.

These past two weeks have been an astounding opportunity for you let go and make changes.

When the Sun eclipsed the New Moon in Pisces on March 8/9, we started breaking down old patterns. Eclipse cycles are the easiest times to release past patterns – and build new ones.

What were you doing around the first eclipse on March 8 and March 9? Something was put in motion at that time for this current two-week shift in your life.

Now take note what you experience around March 23, and the days on both sides of the eclipse - they really leave an imprint on your life!

Eclipses magnify everything you experience...

Open soul to exploring something deeply, something you love.

If that means staying up longer than usual (like I did last night!), or getting up earlier, or changing plans to accommodate nourishing your body, mind and soul – DO THAT.

You are setting NEW patterns in place right now that are instrumental in taking you over the threshold…

You may be transitioning from one period of your life into the next phase…

Guide the energy, consciously.

And take yourself back to April, 2014 for a moment. That was when the first Libra Lunar Eclipse began this current two-year cycle.

What was going on in your life two years ago?

Make note of it, since you are now bringing that experience FULL circle with the Full Moon Eclipse now. Since April 2014 we’ve lived through several Aries-Libra Eclipse cycles. And this one, on March 23, brings the cycle to an end!

Aries and Libra teach us about two things:

Aries governs self-love – Aries is the fire that lights up within you – the “I am” that allows you to share your brilliance uninhibited, courageously.

When you’re capable of being alone, being at one with who you are as a divine being, you claim your freedom. As a free, sovereign, courageous being, you then will not interfere with your lover’s personal life. This is the true self-love that leads to transcendence in inter-personal love.

Libra is on the other side of this Cardinal axis.

Libra governs partnership love – two fires merging into one beingness, two beings who exist separately and freely who share their souls, their essence. Libra is the energy that balances two into one, where boundaries disappear, division is gone, and the experience of love is immersive.

Both Aries and Libra define our journey into love.

The soul longs mostly for love. Love is the nourishment that keeps the soul thriving. Without love… life becomes dull, and eventually unbearable.

In experiencing love, you raise your consciousness.

In the days and hours around this Lunar Eclipse of Love and Courage, the fire of Aries and Mars will stimulate your life.

This Lunar eclipse at 3° Libra ad Aries occurs right near the Aries Point – a very powerful point in astrology.

This eclipse happens on the heels of the Aries equinox, magnifying it’s effect! Take note of meaningful events in your life since the equinox on March 20th, three days ago!

This Lunar eclipse culminates the past two years of your life – releasing a big SURGE of energy.

You’ve thought about many things in the past two years. Now it’s time to bring them into action. To shake things up. The Full Moon symbolism invokes the culmination theme to an even greater degree.

All can be resolved. You are being set free. Right Now.

Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Many Blessings and Love,

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