February 20, 2016

Virgo Full Moon On Monday, February 22nd by Lena Stevens at PowerPath

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


This full moon provides an opportunity to be proud of your accomplishments and your disciplined commitments. If you are faced with situations that test your choices, remember to be true to yourself and to put your own self-care first.

Beware of the temptation to hold on to something that is not right just because you have put a lot of energy and time and possibly even money into it. The freedom you will have in letting go and the energy you will have to put into a new choice and commitment will far outweigh any past investment.

This full moon may also bring something unexpected. You can be proactive with the unexpected by expecting the unexpected to be supportive, inspiring, exciting and new.



Virgo Full Moon
Sun in Pisces~ Moon in Virgo 3º
Monday, February 22,11:19 AM Mountain Time
(February 22, 6:19 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

On February 18 the Sun entered Pisces, the final sign of the yearly zodiac cycle, and is now rushing to a prompt Full Moon in Virgo on Monday. Full Moon always encourages us to find balance in opposites. Pisces holds our wide-opened, surrendered spiritual energy of total merging and unity, while Virgo brings to the light our focused, mental practicality on the physical plane. Can you bring all the gifts of Spirit down through the body and out into the world? Full Moon is always so expansive and bright! Here, it’s an invitation to surrender limiting Virgo daily habits, mental loops, and criticizing judgments, and let Pisces’ gifts of imagination, intuition and relationship to the great mysterious, feminine void flow through you and reorient your perspective. It’s been months since our last contact with the water element (November/Scorpio), and our souls are thirsty for nourishment and a dive into the intangible, emotional realms of Pisces before the rebirth of fiery Aries energy at Equinox a short month away.

Neptune and Pisces are definitely the guides of this Moon. Expect an undertow of the lyrical, dreamy and intangible pulling you toward your inner, divine nature. Your soul may feel a deep thirst to partake of the poetic, artistic and imaginary worlds. Dreams are strengthened in Pisces. What surfaces for the next month as we traverse the degrees of Pisces is our compassionate, selfless nature willing to serve. Neptune, in its own sign Pisces, is conjunct the Sun ~ so much watery, emotional energy. Surrender is the secret password here. Ceres, asteroid ruler of the nourishing gifts of the Earth, is also with Neptune and the Sun accentuating our desires to live in balance with our planetary mother and to honor the rituals and cycles of birth and death, fertility and barrenness.

Chiron is also in Pisces and once again opposite Jupiter in Virgo (Feb 23rd). Deep healing of our self worth and eons of separation from Spirit is our collective mandate as this duo straddles the North/South nodes with Chiron on the South node helping us deliver up that which holds us apart from love, truth and energy.

Virgo Full Moon is the counterbalance to Piscean emotional fluidity. Virgo is earthy, practical and adaptable, mentally analytical and conscientiously attuned to detail. Virgo brings modesty, devotion, skillfulness, and discriminating precision with high standards to all she manifests. We can all use some of that in our lives. Call on Virgo to take stock, get those lists made, desks organized, projects completed – on time, in budget, double-checked and accounted for.

Virgo rules other vital areas – our health and dietary habits especially digestion, our relationship to pets and small animals, an inclination for study. Let this Moon help you acknowledge the needs of the body and bring to awareness self-defeating habits.

Mercury is Virgo Moon ruler. Mercury travels with Pallas Athena both at 11º Aquarius, so the flavor is one of high frequency mental capacity for creating the new and innovative in a flash of brilliance or finding the perfect expression to reset everything from an improved perspective. If you need an instant solution, Mercury-Athena is your ally. They can support you in focusing your attention on creating what you want rather than focusing on what you don’t have. Coupled with the Virgo Full Moon you can shift the way you manage the day-to-day to support being more organized and efficient eliminating clutter and wastefulness, distractions and improving your time management. And if your body is saying in a loud voice, ‘You need help!’ here is the boost you need to treat your vehicle with renewed love and kindness.

The Moon is the focal point of a configuration called Thor’s Hammer involving the square of Pluto/Uranus. This aspect wields stressful, dynamic energy demanding the focal planet (Moon) find a way to creatively vent the frustration or use the power constructively so its tension doesn’t go the destructive route. It is said there is the possibility of criticism from outside sources heaped on you causing you angst. We have an ally in Saturn trining Uranus so the way out is to call up your discipline and focus to wield this surge of energy so you don’t get bonked on the head with it. It can be a call for change without resistance.

We are rounding the corner to season change at Equinox. March will host three empowering events, first a Solar Eclipse at New Moon March 8, then Equinox March 19, and finally, a Lunar Eclipse March 23. With the Pisces Sun time, we serve what is sacred and gather the fruits of merging with Spirit, finding vision and nourishment from within to feed our spiritual bodies, trusting Virgo’s dedication to order and efficiency to keep our practical lives in smooth working condition.
  • 03/08 Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse 19º Pisces 6:55 PM MT
  • 03/13 Daylight Savings Time begins (USA)
  • 03/19 Equinox/Sun enters Aries 0º 10:31 PM MT
  • 03/23 Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 3º 6:01 AM MT

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