February 28, 2016

The 8 Ways To Start Every Day Like A Winner

written by Anders Hasselstrom
[source: Pick the Brain]
“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.”
What do you think characterizes a winner? Winners are characterized by their excess of energy and resources. Winners have an ability to show that they are on top of things and nothing can stop them in pursuit of their goal. Have you ever witnessed true winners? People with confidence and a firm belief that no matter what comes their way – they are going to succeed? I have been around true winners numerous times and I try to be around as many as possible to be sure to be ushered in the right direction. When you adopt the mindset of a winner you become more resourceful and you increase your chance of becoming successful in whatever goal you wish to achieve. The logical explanation is that your improved confidence will support you in trying new things with an actual firm belief that you will succeed. I want to take you there. I want to take you to a state of mind every morning that will make you a winner and increase your chances of having an awesome life and reach your full potential.

You start every day as a winner if you…

1. Get up 10 minutes earlier

You know what the most beautiful thing about life is? Every time you wake up in the morning you have a new chance of creating something truly magical in your life. It is a new beginning! Embrace it. Did you have a bad day yesterday? Doesn’t matter. You have a fresh start today. One of the best ways to start your day as a winner is to rise 10 minutes earlier than usual in the morning. Can you honestly tell the difference between 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours and 10 minutes? Most people cannot! However beginning each day in a calm and nice manner improves your chances of having a resourceful and positive day. Take your time to wake up without any rush. If you cannot wake up without being in a rush how do you think the rest of your day will be? Probably more stressful than necessary.

2. Visualize an energized and positive day

Now you feel nice and relaxed after enjoying 10 minutes of awakening. Next step to start your day as a winner is to visualize your most positive and energized day possible. Close your eyes and visualize how you are going to succeed in every possible situation. Imagine the happiness and positivity you are passing on to everyone you talk to and also visualize that no matter what challenges you are going to face, you have the power to overcome each one of them. When you have visualized the day ahead I encourage you to spend a few minutes thinking about the best things you have in your life while having your eyes closed. I want you to think about the people you care for and the dreams and goals you have in life. Think about them and be thankful for what you have.

3. Give your biggest smile

Every morning when I look in the mirror I put on the most lovely smile I possibly can. Why? Because sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but other times your smile can be the source of your joy. Making it a routine to smile to yourself in the morning will send positive signals to your brain, which automatically triggers happy feelings. Spending 30 seconds smiling to yourself in the morning can change any possible negative attitude into a more positive one. Most people know that a bad attitude is harmful and something we have to change in order to advance in life. I believe having a bad attitude is like driving a car with a flat tyre: you cannot go far without changing it.

4. Go for a run

Winners exercise because it keeps you healthy and energized to face challenges with an attitude of a winner. Running for 20 minutes every morning creates the best possible outcome for the day and it increases both productivity and happiness. 20 minutes of running will increase your energy levels, while boosting your mental output and productivity. 20 minutes of running can lower your stress levels and reduces the risk of depression. Running has a profound positive impact on your body and you can feel the additional resources available to you during the day. Remember that 20 minutes of running is all it takes for the brain to produce enough endorphins to give you a rush of happiness. Go for an easy run and take in all the impressions in the morning. It is a new and fresh day ready to be won.

5. Get organized for the day ahead

Being unorganized is something that can take up mental resources because you spend time and mental power worrying about unnecessary things. Most people have experienced this negative mental state. It feels exhausting and it take us into a negative mental state. Being organized makes you more resourceful and you can spend less time worrying, while having more time to focus on having a positive attitude towards the day. Before you leave home make sure to clean up the kitchen and prepare the bed so nothing can disturb you during the day. Spend 5 minutes looking in your calendar to make sure you are on top of things. When we are on top of things we are more likely to have a positive approach to our challenges and often times that is what determines if we succeed or fail.

6. Eat a winners breakfast

Fueling up the body before a long day is vital to remain in a positive state of mind and to start your day as a winner. Some people find it difficult to eat breakfast and some people never eat before lunch time. Not eating anything slows down your mind and it is impossible to stay positive and energized without having eaten anything. Prepare a nice and healthy smoothie to drink or eat some yoghurt with fresh berries. Find something to eat that inspires you a bit more than oatmeal and make it a routine to eat something before you leave home. You will find it hard the first few times but building a routine will make it easier in the long term. If you want to start your day as a winner you have to fuel up so you can face the challenges with an energetic and positive attitude.

7. Do one good deed

Before you walk out that door in the morning I want you to do one thing that makes another person happy. Do you have a roommate? Prepare his lunch. Do you have a girlfriend? Write a note for her lunch. Do you live with your mom? Tell her you love her. You can send a message to your friends wishing them a pleasant day or call your best friends and let them know you are thinking about them. I believe that one of the requirements for happiness is the act of giving. You become more resourceful by giving. Now by the time you are dressed you have already smiled and laughed a few times and you have contributed to make another person’s day much better. This is a positive way of starting your day. You have an attitude of being resourceful. You have become resourceful as a winner.

8. Hit the door like a winner

If you implement some of the advice mentioned above you have the most optimal conditions to start your day as a winner. Now you need to do one last thing, which is the most important one. I want you to hit the front door like the biggest winner ever. I want you to hit the front door and expect something good to happen. Believe that things are going to go your way today regardless of what is happening. Have no expectations of failure but only expectations of success. If you walk out that door expecting good things to happen I promise you that you will see the change. It is all about believing that something good will happen. The second you close that door behind you, you are 100% sure that you will win in every situation possible today. You are going to smile to at least 10 strangers intentionally before you get to work. You are going to say thank you to people. You are going to complement the people that deserve it and you are going to be the number one best version of yourself. When you start every day as a winner you more than double your chances of going to bed as winner. Start every day as a winner…

… to become a winner!

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