February 15, 2016

Sing Along With Me: I Am A Magnet To MONEY! $$$ Money Money Loves Me. :)

Haha... I just came across this video! What a great song. Warning: This tune will get stuck in your head... which is a good thing. ENJOY and sing it while you're cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking dinner, watering the lawn, taking a walk!!! You get the point, right? :D
Intro to song: Now before you sing along to magnetize yourself to money, I'd like you think about something very important. The fact is you do not serve money. Money serves you. Money is simply an energy that allows you freedom. Freedom to live out your dreams. Freedom to be all that you can be. So don't scare money away by saying there isn't enough money. Speak to your money. Enjoy your money. And you will find that money will love to be around you and multiply. You will be a magnet to money. So say right now, money loves me and money is my obedient servant. Enjoy money.
Money is NOT evil. Just think of all the GOOD you can do with an excess (an abundance/profit) of money in your life. You can use an abundance of money to help your family/friends/strangers, improve your community, a heartfelt cause that you want to contribute to and/or improve. Use money as a positive force applied to the world around us. That use of power is in our hands alone. So use it wisely. ♥

It is the LOVE of money that is evil. Meaning when you put money first before God who blessed you with it in the first place. When a person LOVES money so much they are willing to steal, kill, lie, cheat or abuse others to get money, these are the evil acts associated with money. But money itself is not evil. It's how you attain it and how you use it that makes the difference.

By the way, capital is another word to describe money. The same holds true with capitalism. Capitalism is NOT evil. Replace the word money with capitalism above and you get the same result. In the same manner that you as an individual works hard to get a promotion and works hard to earn a raise in your salary, a business works hard to increase their profit margin. Both an individual and a business yearns to GROW and EXPAND. That is a natural law. This can only be achieved when earning a profit

Profit simply put is the difference between what you earn and what you spend. Example: income-expenses=Profit. The celebrities that publicly claim profits are evil are told that by their money managers (personal accountants) who use write-offs to help them break-even or report losses to reduce their tax liability or avoid having to pay taxes. You see, the moral here is a person or corporation must pay taxes on all profits. Therefore, these dim-witted celebrities "view" profits as evil or filthy. I must also emphasize that the celebrities pushing this crap of profits are evil and filthy, are capitalizing and profiting off of you, the consumer, buying the "stuff" they're selling/promoting.


Now I really want you to stop and think about what I am about to say. All of those people who have been telling you that money, capitalism, profit and stuff are evil and wrong are "wealthy" people. In other words, all of these people have tons of money, profits, tons of stuff and are THRIVING off of CAPITALISM. Meaning they have been "capitalizing" on making you poor spiritually, mentally and emotionally by promoting this falsehood. Now why would someone who is rich themselves, make you believe that being rich is evil? Think about it. CONTROL. If they make you believe that you cannot attain or achieve wealth, they slowly start making you lose hope, slowly start chipping away at your inner drive to want to succeed and you eventually fall into the DEPENDENCY TRAP. Which makes you easier to CONTROL. This is another example of them saying, "Do as I say, not as I do." or in this case, "Believe what I say, and do not pay attention to what I have and what I do." And whose wealth do you think they are spreading? Not the uber rich. They know how to protect their assets and wealth. No, these progressive marxist socialist clones want to spread the wealth of the hard working middle class with the intent of making us all equal in poverty. You see by removing the middle section of a ladder, there is no way a person can go from poor to rich.

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