February 4, 2016

Pikachu Power! ❤ I'm BAAACK. :D



Hi everyone, so sorry I have been MIA. I have been locked out of my blog for the past month. Like seriously locked out! I couldn't access my blog because I had enabled the 2-step verification process years ago for extra security measures. Well, when I realized my cell phone had been compromised by my psycho stalker neighbor and/or his stalking friends, I immediately changed my cell phone number. But, knucklehead me, when I quickly changed my cell phone number on January 2nd, I forgot to disable the 2-step verification security process to access my blog. Sooooo, I am happy to report that Google 2-step verification process is nothing short than amazing even though I was put through hell. Grant it, hell of my own making. But it was a nightmare for me nevertheless. I want to give a shout out to my cell phone carrier for helping me recover my old cell phone number temporarily so that I could log back into my kryptonite Google blog, and then they kindly restored my new cell phone number.
What an experience that I hope I never have to go through again. I am so elated that I was able to recover my blog that I have had for almost a decade, and I want to reassure you that I am here to stay! :D
I missed you SO MUCH...❤

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