February 9, 2016

Aquarius New Moon on Monday February 8th by Lena Stevens at PowerPath

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


The time around this moon can be testy especially around unexpected events and changes you did not plan on. Watch for accidents and pay attention to your body and your physical environment a little more than usual.

On the other hand, this moon provides beautiful opportunities for new connections, new plans, and inspiring ideas of things to come. Make sure to honor this New Moon with a commitment to your intentions by making an action plan of disciplines that will support your choices.

This is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year and we are entering the year of the fire monkey. The monkey is one of the allies for the year and can be helpful if used well. (For more on the monkey as an ally, get TRENDS 2016)


Astrological Notes:

Aquarius New Moon
Sun and Moon in Aquarius ~ 19ยบ
Monday, February 8, 7:40 AM Mountain Time
(February 8, 2:40 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Gung Hay Fat Choy! This New Moon marks the beginning of the Yang Fire Monkey Chinese New Year (the second new Moon after Winter Solstice). Monkey will bring us creativity, innovation, and strengthen our mental gymnastics and determination with maybe a little restless mischievousness to go with it!

In the Sun cycle, we’ve passed the midpoint of winter at Imbolc/Candlemas/Ground Hog’s Day on February 2 welcoming the fertile seed in the belly to the light of coming spring. Our winter gestation is soon to see the sprouting of manifestation if you live in the northern latitudes.

What influences do the Sun and Moon in Aquarius bring? Aquarius is where we begin to balance personal freedom with collaboration with the greater whole. We move beyond Capricorn’s perspective of personally building resource for community and society to Aquarius’ global, boundary less point of view where we are united one and all as humanity. The Internet and the Web have catalyzed this perspective rapidly during the opening acts of the Age of Aquarius.

As the power sign for the element air, mental abilities are brought to the level of intuitive brilliance, inspiration and innovation. Aquarius’ outlook is futuristic and governs our goal setting abilities. With a broader worldview, Aquarius is the humanitarian and political activist holding the best interests for the evolution of the collective and the planet. Viewed as The Outsider, The Exile, or The Rebel, Aquarius is neutral, platonic, detached from outcomes, and protective of their personal freedom.

Uranus is planetary ruler of Aquarius and source of its unusual qualities. Uranus is the eccentric planet that rotates on its side and was discovered in 1781 when the fitting motto of the French Revolution “Liberty, equality, fraternity” ~ was prominent. All qualities Aquarius values highly. Uranus brings sudden, unexpected circumstances to our lives. It’s the game-changing shift that renders the habitual and mundane obsolete. Our egos hate it; our life’s trajectory demands it. In your personal birth chart, Uranus spends about seven years traveling through each house, so that area of your life gets a real change up. If it traverses your 10th house, you get career changes, 6th house Uranus may show up in health issues, 9th house may see you getting an education, or traveling extensively, 4th house may see you moving unexpectedly. Who knows how this unpredictable planet will challenge you to let go, break pattern, and bring you insights and inspirations that push you to evolve on your life path.

In our New Moon chart, Uranus is traveling with asteroid Vesta. She holds our archetype of the vestal virgin where we hold the power to focus and dedicate our kundalini energy to an ideal or higher purpose – sometimes to a spiritual practice, to art, to a political idea, to a personal commitment. Perhaps Uranus will fuel Vesta to help you dedicate your energies to focus and push through to create a new way to work, to create a new space in your home, to become politically active, to step up and commit to changing your life. With these two in fiery Aries, there is a big energy for the new and for creative risk taking. Because Uranus remains in square to Pluto, we may be challenged and tested psychologically to see how strong our commitment is to our goals. Here at New Moon, go back, refine/revise and recommit to your New Year’s goals. Saturn is trining Uranus so we have strength, perseverance and a strong vision of the long-term goal we are pursuing. Now just add doing the work.

Mars is demanding attention by squaring the Sun and Moon and in a stressful relationship to ruling planet Uranus. Mars is the red Warrior planet, masculine and hot, where we get our energy and courage to act, where our personal drive comes from, where our relationship to our physical bodies and athleticism originates, where assertiveness and passion lay. In stressful formations like we have here, Mars irritation can come out in accidents, aggression, heated exchanges. Take the higher road and channel this power surge energy into physical activity, acknowledge your own irritation and avoid needless confrontation when you can. It’s an opportunity to tame the beast within and use this energy for initiating what you desire at a gut level. It seems to be a lesson the whole planet needs at this time. With a trine from Chiron – he who makes things whole, we have access to our Divine Masculine energy and can make ourselves whole by emotionally balancing our inner masculine and feminine.

Benevolent Jupiter aligned with the North Node in Virgo for another month is trining powerful Pluto so there is strong support for ridding ourselves of deep patterns that are keeping us from manifesting our true natures fully on the earthly plane. If you challenge yourself, you can reap the benefits.

We are preparing for the eclipse package in March on New (solar) and Full (lunar) Moon when we can expect the opportunity to release, reset, and revitalize as the Sun and then the Moon move offline.

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