December 9, 2015

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

I am re-posting this message for my new readers. This song by Celine Dion titled, 'Because You Loved Me' is very precious to me. It perfectly conveys my LOVE for God. I have dedicated this song to God, my Heavenly Father.

As I mentioned in my previous spiritual weekend post, I have my own personal relationship with God. However, I must add that it wasn't easy for me to reach this level of Nirvana. I was just as stubborn as the next person thinking I had everything under control. Well, guess what I discovered the HARD way, that the only thing I have absolute control over is MYSELF. Little ol' me! It was about 10 years ago when my personal change occurred and I let go. The KEY word here is 'personal'. This was not a church or a cult thing. It was my own personal experience with my Creator. I can honestly say from true experience that I AM GRATEFUL for this transformation. I can be surrounded by chaos, people close to me can say evil things to my face to try to stir up old dramas or attempt to open up healed wounds and I still have inner peace. How can that be you ask? Because I've been Spiritually HEALED. That is the beauty of knowing God. When you get filled with the Holy Spirit, your past get's CLEANSED away and your spirit get's RENEWED. God does not want to condemn you and God is not some mysterious force outside of you. If God is energy and the source of all things and you are also energy, then that would mean that you are a part of Him, right? Connect to your SOURCE and choose LIFE!

You know after I had my experience, I had family members and friends try to get me to try this religion or that spiritual group etc. I would tell them that I have never belonged to any group why would I want to start now. Then they tried the alternative and tell me that my thinking was all wrong. I would tell them it's not a way of thinking. Geez! It's a way of BEING, living, breathing, walking in God's love, peace and LIGHT!

The point I'm trying to make from my friends and family experience is that the ONE thing I am absolutely secure in and that nobody can take away from me is God's love for me and my love for God. My experience is mine alone and nobody can ever ever change that...

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