October 21, 2015

The Single Most Important Mindset Shift You Will Ever Make! GREAT Inspirational Piece... Enjoy! :)

The Single Most Important Mindset Shift You Will Ever Make
written by Stephenie Zamora, GalTime Contributor

Are you feeling unhappy and unfulfilled with your life, work or relationships? Are you looking to live a healthier, more active and energetic life? Whatever it is you’re looking to create or change, you’ve probably spent a lot of time seeking out the right self-help guru, affordable program or perfect book. I know from experience that there’s a lot of self-help out there to choose from and you’ll likely spend a ton of time and money searching for the perfect solution.

But I’ve got some awesome news for you…

Despite the various packaging and marketing, all personal development boils down to one simple concept: Personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is about taking 100% responsibility for everything that manifests in your life. Your successes, your failures, the way others treat you, your health, your happiness, your finances, etc.

But I want to make one thing very clear, it’s not about blame.

Personal responsibility is all about empowering yourself to create the life, success and happiness that you so desire. It’s about becoming solutions-focused and working with others to make the world a better place. It’s a beautiful, simple and often-overlooked principle that absolutely everyone can utilize.

Whether you’re unhappy in your relationship, with your job, your finances, or maybe your whole life seems off-balance and out of sorts… you are 100% responsible for everything that’s shown up in your life. This can be a tough pill to swallow, I know. Believe me I know!

It wasn’t very long ago that I was absolutely miserable in my own life. Working at a job that left me feeling drained, in a relationship that didn’t make me happy and living a life that didn’t light me up. In situations like this, it’s usually easier to blame outside circumstances than to look at yourself. The boyfriend who doesn’t treat you right, the job with the bad boss, the pressures of our peers or the economy.

But if you can take a step back in every situation and ask yourself, “What did I do to allow this to happen?” you will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

You’re going to discover that you chose to be with the wrong person, you neglected to set your boundaries, you ate too many fatty foods and you spent far too much money on lattes. You didn’t work hard enough to earn that promotion, you weren’t hanging out with the right people and you completely forgot to mail that check.

And you know what? This is all FABULOUS news! You should be excited about what you discover! Once you’re aware of what you’ve done to allow situations that cause you discontent or frustration, you can make the necessary changes in your life to produce better results!

This is the most important mindset shift you will ever make and I guarantee you will begin to see instant results when you choose to take your life into your own hands!

Action Step ›› Whenever something goes wrong in your life or you find yourself in an unhappy situation, make it a habit to ask yourself, “What did I do to allow this to happen?” Make note of what you discover and brainstorm ways you can make changes that will bring more positive and desired results.

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