October 11, 2015

New Moon Monday October 12th

New Moon Update 10-12-15
Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
Body written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,


We are still processing the results of last month’s powerful trio of the eclipses and the equinox. Rather than a reset, this new moon is helpful in supporting something in your life that you are striving to balance. Make some commitments around something that became clear to you during the eclipse time that you would like support for.

This new moon is about relationship, community and cooperation. It is important to give voice to your intentions and desires. Then spend some time in “being” mode so you can begin to receive. Watch for irritability and anxiety during this time. Big changes are occurring and your survival instincts may be a bit triggered. Be patient and trusting that whatever is happening is leading you to the right place.


Astrological Notes:

Libra New Moon
Sun and Moon in Libra ~ 19ยบ
Monday, October 12, 2015 6.05 pm Mountain Time
(Tuesday, October 13, 12:05 am Greenwich Mean Time)

The intensity of September with its eclipses, equinox and Mercury retrograde is integrating. We recognize the need for rest and self care in times like those, and we have come to appreciate the hugeness of energy that we can meet physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually using all the tools we have cultivated to become more conscious. This past week kept us on our toes as the Libra Sun squared Pluto challenging us to see our own unconscious part in our relationships. On October 8thVenus entered Virgo and immediately conjoined the Moon. Mercury went direct on October 9 at 1ยบ Libra and given a few more days will be picking up speed supporting communication, networking and information gathering.

New Moon in Libra will without a doubt spotlight our experiences of balance. Libra as first sign of fall is cardinal – action oriented, an air sign – meaning mental and also masculine, and ruled by Venus accentuating social graces, financial affairs, harmonious order. With the Libra Sun and Moon in opposition to Uranus this New Moon, we may be engaged in finding balance as Uranus will tend to disrupt anything that only resembles balance or is veneered in harmony but really is denial of needs unexpressed. If you find sudden upset, volatility and your inner rebel showing up, it’s a pretty sure sign some disruption might be a good thing in certain areas of your life. She/he is getting on her high horse to break free from situations where clear and free expression of truth is way tamped down. Or it just might be right timing for those big changes you’re been holding at arms length. Radical shift can emerge for some who are directly affected by this Uranus opposite Sun/Moon influence.

Consider this: The Sun is in its ‘fall’ in Libra meaning not well placed. How can that be? The Sun is your agent of self expression, who you are out in the world, your purpose. And yes, Libra’s symbol is Justice holding the scales. But Libra is often balancing everyone else’s needs and the feeling of deep responsibility for those around them to the detriment of their personal needs on the other side of the scale.

Libra must consider the Other. Being one of the humane signs, those symbolized with humans not creatures, (Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius – these ‘courteous’ signs are granted the qualities of social and intellectual grace), Libra is considered diplomatic, considerate, aesthetic, cooperative and logical. Their desire is to promote harmony, beauty, order and fairness. We find them in artistic professions, political positions, involved in law, justice, arbitration. They are the peace makers.

Despite their aversion to ‘conflict’, they do not shrink from the challenge of meeting opposing ideas, beliefs or obstacles to getting EXACTLY what they want in a situation (with all the reason, tact, and diplomacy a Venus-ruler can provide). Compromise and fairness can mean swaying others expertly to their side through strong mental powers and reasoning.

Ruler of the chart, Venus now in Virgo is square Saturn newly in Sagittarius and opposed to Neptune. That’s a major challenge to Venus, our relationships in particular, or to our financial situation-personal and economic, or balancing work with rest and play. You might find yourself rethinking the basis of your intimate and business relationships, or if all that is up to date, you can use that Saturn to channel the compassion and service that Neptune-Venus generate into creative efforts in the physical world. Saturn squaring Neptune will be a major theme in the months and year to come. Venus is lending her shining light to awaken the deeper love that Neptune in Pisces holds. Saturn says, ‘Well that’s great, but can you bring that down to the reality of daily life?’

Mercury is exactly on the North Node at 1ยบ Libra. As we begin this New Moon cycle of the year lead by the Libran archetype, Mercury’s emphasis is, ‘honor your communications as a cutting edge path of growth’. Listen with an open mind; speak from your truth. Let appreciation, kindness, and clarity define your connection to others. Libra desires partnership between equals, equanimity, the calm place between breaths. Bring that into your communications. Let that be your point of growth. The North Node challenges us to be all we can be.

Mars and Jupiter are very close in Virgo and trined by Pluto. That’s big earthy support for making big plans and keeping track of the details to make it happen. If you’re ready for a bid for power in your life, these planets will have your back. If you haven’t been keeping up with the maintenance and care taking of your life, you might be able to get back in alignment with this influence. Gotta love Virgo for being practical. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto will be active through Full Moon.

Libra’s theme of Self and Other means every meeting, experience, encounter is a reflection of ourselves and what we have created. Use Libra’s neutrality to observe what is being reflected to you so perfectly in the mirror that is the outer world.

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