October 18, 2015

Everything Happens For A Reason. Trust That And Try To Understand Why...♥

Posted by Vicki Yohe on Saturday, October 17, 2015
Boy... let me tell you this is one of the major lessons I have learned over the past three years dealing with stalker(s), and my mom's life altering events. But most especially profound this year. Right now my major test is with my mom who is going through a very difficult time in her life, fully dependent on me temporarily, and is not very pleasant to be around causing me mental anguish. I have found myself repeating to her for the past three years, "please help me, help you." I had to take control of situations on her behalf because she was either in denial, or would say, "I don't care." This is how she coped with the dramatic events happening in her life. She has been in shock mode.

For the past three years God has guided me to stay "in love" with my mom through her difficult times. Meaning stay in "His Love" for her.

If God can help me to forgive my stalker neighbor and his accomplices who harassed me, vandalized my home, my cars, trespassed my home, and drained my savings paying for the repairs on my cars and home, and paying for security and surviellance cameras in my car and around my home, I can forgive my mom as many times is necessary who has always been there for me. This message has hit home. Not my will, but God's will be done. Amen! ❤
You know, all week I have read and heard from my spiritual sources that this was a week about introspection and letting go. So I did take the time to examine my life and where I am today. The first thing that came to mind was letting go of my mom, and cut the noose around my neck she held onto so tightly. My mom turning into the devil incarnate at the beginning of the week was really encouraging me to just do it, and get on with my life and dreams. But a really wonderful thing happened though. God held me together, and bought time by causing me to just ignore her, literally ignore her for the time being. Then last night I see the message Vicki Yohe shared about Grace, and the message I was to receive sunk in. I love my mom dearly, or else I would not be going out of my way to help her with everything. What I came to understand was it was my hurt ego wanting to let go of my mom. It wasn't my mom I needed to let go of. I needed to let go of my ego and pride. You'll notice, that was the theme for my messages on my blog today. I share with you everything I have read that has helped me. ♥

This moment I choose to break up with my ego and pride. I'm not going to run away or cut off my mom because she's a deeply wounded person who hurts my feelings at a very deep level. I'm 45 years old for heaven's sake. I thought this area of my life was already healed. I'm not going to let my emotions control me. No, no, no. I control my emotions. I'm going to face this challenge head on that has surfaced for a reason to let go once and for all. It's time to transcend it. Through love and God's grace I will overcome and we'll both be healed in the process of God's transformation. ❤

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