September 17, 2015

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Official Says They Are “DELIBERATELY Ignoring Muslim Refugees, Get This, "To Accelerate Spread Of Islam In The West.

Bare Naked Islam
written by Staff
Wednesday September 16, 2015

The Saudi government surprises no one with its response to increasing backlash over the fact that they refuse to accept any Muslim migrants from Syria and anywhere else because the goal of Islam is to dominate the West until Islam is the only religion.
Khabaristan Times had earlier reported on Muslim Ummah unanimously deciding to be offended by EU’s refugee policy, and elaborated on Saudi Arab’s reaction to an extent.

Many have lost their lives in trying to reach European countries for a better life for themselves and their families. Recent images of a young boy, lying dead on a beach, have caused a new uproar asking Arabic nations to act.

“We are ignoring the issue as a strategic maneuver. If these refugees go and settle in the west then they will take the beacon of light i.e. Islam, with them,” an official from the Saudi government said.
“What we are doing is waiting for them to set up camp so that they can show these infidel nations how to save themselves from kufr,” he said.

The current plan seems to be to let the refugees find homes in Europe and then wait to see what happens. “We already have a lot of Muslims here… we don’t need any more. We could give those white people some refuge if they wanted though,” the official said and laughed.

Saudis won’t take in any refugees but offer to build hundreds of mosques for them Germany.
Syrians have an exceptionally hard time migrating to Arab countries and are often denied entrance to begin with. “Look let us be honest it’s like asking a Muslim man to let a Hindu into their homes. We’re letting them go to Europe, isn’t that enough?” the official asked.

“Even if we did let them in where would they live? It’s all sand here. At least they’ve got water where they are right now,” the official said and laughed again.
SAUDI KING: “Yes, of course, Barack, we’ll be happy to build enough mosques and Islamic schools for the hundreds of thousands of muslim invaders you are dumping into America”

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