August 30, 2015

Winning IS a Choice! by Paul Meier, M.D.

We ALL have seeds of greatness within us! Each one of us has to make choices in life that lead to our DESTINY... If you really want to discover your true potential and NOT what others say about you, start reading books that awaken that giant within. You'll soon discover how wonderful you are, that you truly matter to the World and yes YOU can and WILL make a difference!

The following is taken from the description of the book.

Winning Is a Choice: How the Champions Do It, and How We Can
by authors Paul Meier and Jim Hiskey

Becoming a champion in life, not merely in sports, is what really matters.

A champion can be defined as someone who has climbed a hurdle and reached greater heights in life. It's someone who recognizes his or her gifts and chooses to use them to help others. Being a champion has to do with finding a higher purpose in life.

Everyone can win in life. Some people honestly feel as if they are losers. But everyone can make the wise choices that lead to winning in life. Sometimes they simply need help to see what those choices are.

Anyone can become a champion in life, even people who believe they are locked into an impossible situation.

We can learn important lessons by closely observing the choices made by champions.

This is a book of stories about champions. You, too, can become a champion. As Jim and I tell these stories, we hope you will consider how you can make similar choices. How can you overcome obstacles, discover your gifts, and live your life to its fullest potential? Will you decide to change? Will you make the choices of champions?

Choices of Champions
  • Champions choose to accept help from others.
  • Champions choose to risk change.
  • Champions choose to get up and move on.
  • Champions choose to find a way.
  • Champions choose to face their problems head-on.
  • Champions choose to persevere.
  • Champions choose to concentrate.
  • Champions choose to seek a higher purpose.

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