August 30, 2015

Powerful Pisces Super Full Moon August 29th by Dale Osadchuk Animal Totem Astrology. I Love How She Combines Her Spirit Guides Storytelling With Astrology ♥ Enjoy! :)

written by Dale Osadchuk
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[source: Crystal Wind]

29 August 2015 at 11.35am PDT and 2.35am EDT and 7.35am BST Summer Time GMT
30 August 2015 at 2.35am AWST Perth, Australia and 4.35am AEST Sydney, NSW, Australia

It was past high noon as Shooting Star climbed the path to the Star Temple. She had waited for her sister Snowy Owl to arrive back from her meeting with the Council of Twelve so together they could do ceremony for this Full Moon but Snowy Owl had not yet returned. In the past Shooting Star would have felt lonely but this day she was connected to her heart center and felt a sense of inner peace. As she came closer to the entrance of the sacred space she heard voices. Two were female and one was male. Shooting Star knew the male voice could not be her friend Runs With The Salmon for he had returned to the other side of Turtle Island after the last New Moon. Who could be waiting for her she thought.

When she entered the Star Temple she saw Snowy Owl sitting with the Star Walkers Arista and Dauphin. It had been many Moons since they had visited and the young woman knew this Full Moon message would be very powerful. Even though the exact moment of Sister Moon’s fullness would not be seen because it was daytime the message could still be heard. As soon as Shooting Stat sat with the other three Sister Moon began to speak.

“I have asked Arista and Dauphin to travel from the far away time, where they have been guiding the two leggeds to an awakening of spiritual consciousness, so they could be here for this Moon celebration. Arista you give the gift of knowledge and wisdom of the Temple Priestesses and show the two leggeds the Rainbow Bridge of Healing. You are guided by the Goddess in all her forms. Dauphin you awaken the wounded masculine to the Healing found when they step onto the Rainbow bridge. You are guided by the Whales and Dolphins and remind the two leggeds that they must remember to sing again the ancient song that is their unique sound but creates the Music of the Spheres when all join together in Harmony”

Sister Moon paused for a moment and then spoke again “Snowy Owl you are the Holder of the Wisdom of Spiritual Truth. Shooting Star you are the guardian of the messages from the Animals and the Starry Ones. I ask that you join Arista and Dauphin and travel with them to the far away time to continue to awaken the spiritual consciousness of the human kingdom. The time ahead is filled with opportunities for a new way of being. But first the old way must be released. This Full Moon IS THE RAINBOW BRIDGE OF HEALING INTO THE ONENESS WHERE THERE IS NO SEPARATION ONLY UNITY. I and Grandfather Sun bless you on this journey.”

Snowy Owl and Shooting Star retrieved their magic flying capes from the Standing One who guarded them and followed Arista and Dauphin into the far away time to fulfill what Sister Moon had asked of them.

I did not think there would be a story this time. When I stopped “thinking” it flowed through, Arista and Dauphin have spoken to us before and it made me realize (again) that I want to put the stories together so they flow.

I feel blessed to have been chosen as the Story Teller. I have said before I don’t really write them I just let them flow through me. That is why I had to stop “thinking”.
In the northern hemisphere this is the last Full Moon of the South Direction, learning to listen to our intuitive knowing as our guide. In the southern hemisphere this is the last Full Moon of the North Direction, the place of stillness and transforming knowledge into wisdom. This Pisces Super Full Moon also completes the lessons we have been working on since the Pisces New Moon Eclipse of March 20. That was a Super New Moon with this message “this New Moon meeting is a time of completion. We are asking the two leggeds to heal the world wound by releasing the old ways and create space for the Oneness of All to be embraced. That can only be done through forgiveness and completion. Each individual who heals themselves helps heal the world. When all two leggeds understand and embrace this path, harmony and peace will be restored.” Well it seems we still have a long way to go.

Full Moons are a time of blossoming but also completion. Spiritually Super Moons are powerful influences. The theme for Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo is healing, forgiveness, completion, and release so we make space for the new that is on the horizon with the Virgo New Moon Eclipse on September 13. That New Moon emphasises the need for humanity to cross the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness so harmony and peace will be available for all. Same message repeated because we have not mastered that yet. But we have lots of energy shifts in the next few months to help us do that. The Virgo Eclipse will influence us until Mar 08, 2016.

For the planetary dance things are fairly quiet at this Pisces Super Full Moon but we have to watch out for the quiet ones. Aug 29 is the tenth year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting the US Gulf coast as a category 3 storm. New Orleans in particular is still recovering. That event showed us some people have compassionate hearts and others are only interested in what is best for them. It was not a Super Moon influence at that time but Uranus (hurricanes and lightning storms) was at 08 degrees Pisces. In our current Super Full Moon the planet Neptune is at 08 degrees Pisces. Neptune rules the oceans and the lands. We do have a hurricane threat in the Caribbean right now named Erica that is expected to hit the east coast of Florida Saturday or Sunday. My planetary guide often says “history does not repeat itself but it rhymes”.

Neptune is an important player at this Super Full Moon. He was sighted in Sept 1846 and given rulership over Pisces. Astrologer Alan Oken calls Neptune “The Light of Inspiration”. Neptune is associated with the visual arts, music, dance, and in modern times filmmakers, especially when he is in Pisces. In fact when he was sighted the whole art world changed. But he is also called the Dissolver and the planet of illusion. He rules drugs and alcohol, two methods of escapism. Neptune at 08 degrees Pisces is travelling with the Moon and the Earth at 06 degrees Pisces and is opposite Jupiter at 03 degrees Virgo who is travelling with the Sun at 06 degrees Virgo. So we have a double opposition. Oppositions ask us to find balance. With Neptune the tug of war is illusion or illumination.

Prior to the sighting of Neptune the planet Jupiter, growth and expansion of whatever we are focused on, was the ruler of Pisces. The opposition between Neptune and Jupiter is very powerful here because of their link to Pisces. This Full Moon gives us the opportunity to focus on our spiritual vision, become illuminated and be a teacher and Wayshower for others. The Sun/Moon are both square Pallas Athene at 12 degrees Sagittarius creating a T Square. The question is are you going to let someone or something block you from shinning your Light? Pallas Athene is spiritual warrior and Goddess of Wisdom. Be the spiritual warrior and share what you know and believe to help others on the path to Illumination.

The Virgo Sun is ruled by Mercury at 02 degrees Libra. The planet of our thoughts and perceptions has just passed over the Libra North Node (Aug 27) giving us all support to create a new relationship to self. The other rulers of Virgo are Chiron at 19 degrees Pisces, healing the world wound, and the Asteroid Vesta at 12 degrees Aries, embracing the Authentic Self. Vesta is square (finding new ways of doing things) Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn (transforming society). All three are retrograde asking us to do the inner work of personal healing so we can cross the Rainbow Bridge into Wholeness and be Wayshowers for others.

Brown Bear, introspection and healing, guides us for the Sun in Virgo. Cougar, coming into your personal spiritual power, and Wolf, the teacher about the power of change, are the Animal Totems for the Moon in Pisces. Dolphins, along with Whales, are Sacred Animals for Pisces. All are working together to support your journey of healing, forgiveness, and completion. Now is the time to release whatever blocks you from your spirit and a sense of wholeness.

The Clan Mother for Virgo is Setting Sun Woman, the keeper of tomorrow’s dreams and vision. She is also the Guardian of going within to find your Inner Universe and personal truth. Her teaching is how to live that truth.

The Clan Mother who guides us for the Moon in Pisces is Weights The Truth. She is the Guardian of right action, justice, equality, and Divine Law. She teaches us to accept the truth even when we do not want to see what is true. Weighs The Truth is the carrier of the Burden Basket. Put your own worries in the Basket and you will feel a lightness of being as Creator and Great Mystery bless your journey. For more insight about Setting Sun Woman and Weighs The Truth read the 13 Original Clan Mothers by Jamie Sams.

I believe the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon is the most spiritual of all Full Moons. Raven Kaldera in “Moon Phase Astrology” calls this the Healers Moon. This pairing of astrological signs is found on the Tarot Constellation of the Hermit, the principle of Introspection and Personal Integrity. Virgo is journeying within to heal our spirits and Pisces is journeying to Source to find our Divine Light and to shine it out into the world. Only when we heal old wounds is that possible. As we said earlier the theme for this Lunation is healing, forgiveness (ourselves and others), releasing old wounds, and completion, which leads to transformed new directions.

Virgo and Pisces are active on the 6th Ray of Idealism and Devotion. The Archangels of the 6th Ray are Uriel, peace, harmony and love, and Aurora Grace, divine blessings. They are also 2nd Ray signs. This is the Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. As we said before I see Virgo as the Rainbow Bridge of healing showing us the path to illumination and enlightenment that Pisces offers. The Archangels who guide us are Jophiel, creative power and vision, and Constance Christine, inner perception and divine illumination. Let us all focus on what we are wanting to complete and release at this Full Moon so Divine Blessings are received from Creator and Great Mystery for the next part of our journey.

Blessings to all at this powerful Pisces Super Full Moon.

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