July 26, 2015

Our Heavenly Father the Artist, A Poem

poem written by Jeremy Hagy at GodKind

Artist, our Father is the most ultimate artist.
Painting with His mouth the words of being.
Speaking the universe into existence.
Speaking the world out of nothing,
light out of darkness,
sky and land in a breath
breathing the pieces of eternity.
Just look around . . . .

God created all you feast your eyes upon,
all out of nothing,
laying the kanvas of earth drenched puddles,
painting the picture of today.
His hand moved with a swift stroke,
to form the dust of the ground.
You are His most precious portrait,
hand carved and sculpted to perfection,
fearfully and wonderfully made,
made in the fashion and likeness and image of the Creator
created to be creative, as God played in the dirt
all you need is dirt!

Artist, an artist of beauty, an artist of passion,
whose hand hung the sky and stretched the stars across the milky way
who hung the earth on nothing,
galaxies and light years away,
He's still the same artist,
all the colors bursting forth.
When He said "Let there be light"
His manifold wisdom in it's many sided splendor
a motley creation, colorful and radiant
splendid to the truth,
all the textures blending together in harmony,
in unison with the beam of light
envision the rainbow, flowers, snow, the sun
in all it's beautiful array,
in all the power, in all His glory
creating the most vivid picture
the one with the deepest metaphors,
as deep calls unto deep He strengthens the sea,
looking like diamonds and crystals sparkling avast an ocean
purple in motion, perpetual, forever
stars glimmering and glistening, glowing,
brighter than the moon in all it's radiance
trees, mountains, hills, animals, people,
His moving pictures
fiery fire in all orange nectar and matter
yellow gold in bright beauty and grace

Yes, our Father is the most ultimate artist.
You, as His precious portrait, you are also His pencil,
He's drawing life with you at His center.
Nothing's traced but all planned out,
as He sketches the purpose across the land,
how all exists and plants and seeds and sprouts up
His pictures come to life!
Look again, you're living it!

God is the most ultimate artist!
Of course the Artist begat artists
Imitate your Father!
It's now your turn to create

As the white fluffy clouds collect the drops of water
and send the droplets of rain to produce
Be inspired!
Be what He's made you to be!
With His magnificent brush He gently painted us
a living, breathing, moving, speaking picture
created for His glory-

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