June 1, 2015

Woot! Superman (1978) Starring The Late Great Christopher Reeve Just Started On Discovery Family Channel!!! I Am One Happy Camper! :D

Woot Woot! The movie gods have answered my prayer. I'm thrilled to be watching the original Superman movie (1978) starring the late great Christopher Reeve. Yes, again. The movie started at 9:00pm PST on Discovery Family channel. :) Try as they might, no one can replace Christopher Reeve as Superman. ♥ Watching Superman makes me a big time Happy Camper!!! :D

I love that they keep playing the original Superman movies p1-4 for the new generation. I hope it inspires new fans.
I took this picture three years ago. Boy does time fly. This is me at home au naturale. Cheers! :)
How big of a fan am I? Here's a picture of my Superman bowling bag and bowling ball. :)

Superman's birth name is Kal-El. I wanted to share these profound words with you by Jor-El, Superman's father played by Marlon Brando.

♥ I believe in us, the human race. ♥

My other favorite scene. Lois Lane, played by Margot Kidder, shares her thoughts as she's flying with Superman...♥

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