May 5, 2015

STAR WARS: Watch! George Lucas Writes Amazing Response To 7-Year-Old Fan Asking If Jedi Can Marry. :) ♥

CBS Local News
written by Staff
Tuesday April 21, 2015

George Lucas is scoring some major points from fans everywhere after his touching response to a 7-year-old fan’s letter has gone viral.

A little boy and aspiring Jedi Knight named Colin Gilpatric was so distraught when he thought he would be unable to marry as a Jedi without becoming a Sith. So, he wrote a letter directly to the man in charge asking him to change the rule.

According to New York Daily News, the letter read in part, “I don’t like that a Jedi cannot get married. I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule.”

And wouldn’t you know, the Star Wars creator not only wrote back an amazing response, but also sent a package of goodies fit for a Jedi in training as well.

His mother captured the whole thing on video and uploaded it to YouTube last week. She wrote in the video description that her “son wrote to LucasFilm about how he wanted to get married but still retain his Jedi status without becoming a Sith.”

Lucas responded to his question opening with the line, “It sounds like the Force is strong with you.”

The letter from Lucas continued:
To be a Jedi is to truly know the value of friendship, of compassion, and of loyalty, and these are values important in a marriage. The Sith think inward, only of themselves. When you find someone that you can connect to in a selfless way, then you are on the path of the light, and the dark side will not take hold of you. With this goodness in your heart, you can be married.
Watch Colin’s cute reaction to receiving the letter in the video above.

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