April 5, 2015

Pastor Joseph Prince Explains The Revelation Of God's Love And Grace Transforms The Heart, And So Our Lives. Wow! AWESOME Divinely Inspired Message! ♥

Hillsong Conference 2012 - Joseph Prince from Hillsong Church on Vimeo

Joseph Prince speaks at Hillsong conference about Grace. The gospel is not about "behavior modification" but "heart transformation" through a revelation of God's grace, we find our lives renewed. Revelation of God's love and grace transforms the heart, and so our lives.

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Frustrated with the negatives you see in your life? Think you can't possibly have a bright future because of a shameful past? God's superabounding grace can turn it all around! Find hope again, as Joseph Prince shows you biblical examples of how God's great grace forgives, restores and turns your shame into glory. See why your past need not determine your future and how Jesus' strength is perfected in your weakness when you receive His amazing grace. Believe right about God's over-supplying grace in the midst of your challenges and unleash His power and victory to turn every negative situation around!

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