April 3, 2015

INDONESIA: Indonesian Counter-Terror Police Arrested 6 On Charges Of Recruiting And Funding Jihadists To Join Islamic State aka ISIL aka Necromongers.

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written by A.D. Kendall, Money Jihad and Jakarta Globe
March 24, 2015

Counter-terror police in Indonesia have arrested six people on charges of recruiting and funding jihadists to join the fight in Iraq and Syria. Young Muslim men the world over are answering the call of ISIS. They all need money for airfare. They’re getting that money from (usually) older men like those who were just arrested in Indonesia. Many of the recruits are flying into Turkey.

From Sunday’s Jakarta Globe (h/t: El Grillo):

Densus 88 Arrests Six People Over Islamic State Recruitment

By Jakarta Globe on Mar 22, 2015

Jakarta - The National Police’s anti-terror squad Densus 88 on Saturday arrested six people for allegedly helping recruit and fund Indonesians to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight with the Islamic State (IS) militant group.

“We arrested six people, but it seems that only four people were actively involved [in recruiting],” said Comr. Gen. Badrodin Haiti, deputy chief of the National Police.

The arrests were made in Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta, Bekasi and South Tangerang. Badrodin said the four allegedly funded and recruited Indonesians, and prepared IS propaganda.

On Sunday Densus 88 officers raided the Bogor home of Muhammad Amin Mude, who was one of the six detained on Saturday.

“We suspect him to have been involved in facilitating and helping fund local citizens who are going to Iraq and Syria,” Densus 88 spokesperson Sr. Comr. Faisal Tayeb said on Sunday.

He added police confiscated a number of IS related documents.

Amin’s wife, Wirda Lukman, has vehemently denied the allegations. She insisted that her husband has never helped facilitate Indonesians to join IS.

“How come we can help bring people to Syria when we only have enough to live daily?” said Wirda, 36, as quoted by news portal Republika.co.id.

Wirda said her husband, who works as a glass glue distributor and stone polisher, used to work as a volunteer for the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C) in Gaza.

“My husband is just a regular person and he’s not guilty. Why must he be detained?”

Some 500 Indonesians are believed to have joined IS ranks in both Middle Eastern countries, according to Indonesian counterterrorism officials.

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