April 4, 2015

April 2015 Monthly Forecast by Lena Stevens

written by Lena Stevens
she can be contacted at: www.ThePowerPath.com
[source: Crystal Wind]


This is truly an eccentric month that will test us at every turn. There will be highs and lows, higher than you have experienced before and lower than you ever thought you would be able to handle. Flexibility will be key to navigating the month as your best-laid plans change and then change again and then change again and then change again.

Don’t get attached to anything. Some of the work this month will be about releasing your attachments to the past. If you are waiting for all of this to be over so things can “get back to normal”, you will be waiting a long long time. There is no going back and your attachments will only weigh you down and keep you from the higher centered experiences that offer inspiration for creating something new and wonderful in your life. Waiting for things to go back to what your comfort level expects is not a productive use of your time and energy this month. It is better to take a deep breath and dive into the unknown.

It will be very important to stay out of Martyrdom and to be in acceptance of feeling “in no man’s land” as well as embracing the unknown in a proactive way. This month supports action, and action will be key to staying out of stuck places physically, emotionally and mentally. If you do not have enough to do this month you will definitely be in trouble. This is NOT the month to sit around and wait for something to happen. That is a recipe for disaster.

What we suggest instead is to do things that are outside of your “normal” activities. Try new things, be busy, clean stuff out, wear something you normally don’t wear. Be a little bit eccentric, be more social, extend yourself, take a risk and do something you don’t normally do. The expression and adventure needs of the year show up strongly this month and the artisan role is definitely activated.

You will likely have experiences this month where you just cannot believe your good fortune as a long time dream begins to manifest. You may also have unexpected events and opportunities fall into your lap. They may throw you out of sync with your attachments to your daily routine and order of your life. Watch your resistance to just “going for it” and watch your old habits of doubt and mistrust that what is coming your way might be too good to be true.

If you suddenly come across something you always wanted and there it is, buy it. If you suddenly get contacted and offered your dream job, take it. If you meet someone you feel instantly connected to, follow up. If an opportunity comes your way for a trip or an experience you always dreamed of doing, go for it. Don’t be afraid to dream big this month, as anything is possible and possibly very probable. Trust that what is coming your way as an opportunity is real, and accept it with enthusiasm and gratitude.

On the other hand, there is always something that needs to fall away and dissolve whenever you are moving into a new experience. This falling away may come as shocking news, a jolting and unexpected change or a huge disappointment. Get to neutral as quickly as possible so you don’t dwell in the lower emotions of despair, unworthiness and doubt. It is critical this month to keep your vibration as high as possible so that the new experiences and opportunities are fed instead of the disappointments and negative emotions. (There is help with this on our monthly support mp3 link here)

You may experience both the highs and the lows very close together. For example you may get some news that puts you into a place of depression, despair and doubt and then 10 minutes later you may get news about some great opportunity that has the potential to put you into a higher vibration of excitement and inspiration and gratitude if you allow it. These extremes are hard to hold together in one space in any rational way that the mind understands. It requires a stretch of your container to hold this diversity and it is a good idea to make this a practice. (Get help with this on our Mp3)

Expect the unexpected and you will be well prepared. There is also an anchoring influence later in the month that will either drag you down into the negative quagmire of your negative emotions or anchor some new and wonderful energy as long as you keep your vibration high. Let go of your “old story” and be willing to dream a new one full of creativity and character.



You have a good opportunity here to let go of a really old story as well as your attachment to routines and expectations. This month will build personal flexibility that will serve you well in the future. Observe and witness your tendency to define who you are today based on your past experiences. Let go of the need to “heal” old emotional wounds in the old method of re-hashing, re-living, and analyzing what happened, what should have happened and why you are not living the life you want.

Move to neutrality and LET GO. This will free you up for something new and wonderful.

As we already mentioned, this month is ripe for stretching your energetic container so that you can hold the extremes of the experiences you are likely to encounter. Stay out of Martyrdom, get to neutral as quickly as possible and get comfortable with UP, DOWN and SIDEWAYS as it is the new normal. You have the opportunity to end up way more resilient, powerful and manifesting incredible things in your life.


Up and down and sideways! Make sure you are not judging the whole relationship by individual incidents. Everyone is in the same boat this month of figuring out who they are in a new story and a new experience of self. This will affect relationship dynamics and it is important to hold a bigger container for things to work themselves out. Good communication is key. Neutrality is crucial. Acceptance of other’s decisions will be important as not taking anything personally.

Look to your own relationship with self as you navigate this month. Improve it, be excited about it, and feed it with love and inspiration. Be courageous in your spontaneity and allow yourself to have a bigger experience. Be open for opportunities for new relationships to form, old ones from the past to come back around and ones that are not serving to fall away. Community is important this month as well and you will find yourself drawn to spending time with members of your community that you can relate to.

Beware of shifting and changing plans, alliances, trust, agreements etc. and remember not to take any of these unexpected events personally.


The environment is wild, unpredictable, unstable, unexpected, one day up and the next day down, and we can learn a lot from it through flexibility and acceptance. Check the weather report hourly as it could change radically from what it was. It is a time when you may find that an environment you always avoided is actually one that supports you and your known and secure environment starts to feel a little boring and cramped.

Change it around, get rid of an old couch or bed and replace with something of an upgrade or something eccentric that pushes your envelope a little. Bring color and creativity into your environment and take action towards making it new and fresh.

Your personal environment can also provide grounding for you when things feel really out of control energetically. Sometimes it is nourishing and secure to simply sweep the patio or wash the windows.


This is and has been a difficult time for the physical body. The body resists the kind of change we are in and the kind of instability and sense of being afloat in the sea without an anchor. It moans and groans and comes up with all kinds of aches and pains to get your attention. It just simply does not know what to do with all this new energy.

Action and staying active physically is important. Staying busy and distracting the body personality by keeping it busy will be very helpful. Make sure you are not just sitting home alone in front of the TV. Get out and do something, change your perspective and try something new.

It is also a good month to pay attention to what you put into your body in terms of food, water etc. Eat a clean diet of unprocessed foods and increase your intake of minerals especially if you drink purified water. Minerals will be essential this month to staying healthy and keeping your energy levels up.


You may find this month that there are more projects and exciting possibilities coming your way than you have time or energy to consider. Don’t be overwhelmed. Follow the thread of the one that seems to carry the most synchronicity, perfect timing, good feeling, support, creativity and inspiration. The new projects and partnerships that you enter into should never be a compromise to your sense of integrity and the bigger picture of who you are. On the other hand don’t sweat the small stuff but focus instead on the potential of what the end result may provide you with.

The unexpected highs and lows will definitely affect business and finances. One day it looks like everything is coming together, the next day it is falling apart and then suddenly it takes a different turn and comes back together again in a new configuration. This is definitely a month for creative financing, creative management and thinking outside the box. The most fantastic unrealistic ideas may gain some purchase during this wacky eccentric time.

It is important however to watch that you do not go too far off in either direction. Be careful and pragmatic within reason in excessive spending or being too miserly and stingy with your finances. The middle ground is always best.


April 1-7: As we are nearing the lunar eclipse and full moon on April 4, this time frame remains intense; “good” intense or “bad” intense is however you interpret it for yourself. (we recommend “good”) Whatever you can let go of that shows up as an attachment will be fruitful at this time. Honor change in whatever forms it is taking in your life and practice flexibility and neutrality.

In the action area, be busy, do new things, say yes to an invitation. Spend some time being truly excited about the future and what can be new. Remember to focus on what is coming, what is working, what is fun, and what inspires you. That way you will feed the positive.

It is still a good idea to stay away from any conflict or situations that include reactions of Martyrdom, blame, anger or resentment.

April 4: Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse is Saturday, April 4 at 6:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Those of you in the path of viewing, see it if you can. Honor this event as a marker of huge opportunities for change not only for yourself but also for the planet. You do not need to know what is changing. All you need to do is to intend with your heart and your spirit to allow for the most positive change possible and be willing to go through the discomfort of the ups and downs of the unexpected events that may follow.

This is an exciting time. Keep your vibration high, be around friends and community this weekend and celebrate spring and all things new.

April 8-15: This is a time of big energy coming in. Stay focused on building a bigger container and make sure you are staying active with plenty to do. Watch your language during this time so you never say, “I can’t”. Replace “I can’t” with “ I am not choosing to”. This will give you more personal power and put you in the drivers seat to harness the great amounts of energy available now.

This is also a time when you can feel overwhelmed with what is coming into your life. Practice discernment about where you put your focus and time and allow great gifts to come your way without resistance.

April 16-22: Watch your attachments and the ups and downs and sideways energies that can throw you off during this time. If your emotional reactions take you into the depths of despair or depression, get help if you need it to climb out of the pit and raise your vibration. This is also a time of irritability, anxiety and impatience. With the New Moon on the 18th, it is a good time to put into action some plan you have been creating that has not manifest yet.

Being physically active on a regular basis is also useful at this time as it will help to ground and balance the fiery nature of this time. This is also the time frame when the most unexpected things can happen. Be flexible.

April 18: The New Moon is Saturday April 18 at 12:57 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). It is fiery, action oriented, a bit restless, and calls us to move into our next step, whatever that is, with power and energy. Make sure not to focus so much on what is leaving your life unless you are doing a real completion process. Focus instead on the new that is manifesting and anchor it in some way.

There is a deciduous oak tree that grows in Northern New Mexico that holds on to its dead leaves until spring when the new leaves push the dead ones out with their growth. I always hold on to that image as it illustrates how putting energy into the new growth will automatically and without effort push out the old.

April 23-30: This time is marked by a potential battle between the head and the heart, between the false personality and the essence. The heart and the essence know what they want and what they are willing to experience to get there. The mind and personality are resistant and reluctant to give up the comforts of known routines and perceived security. This is a time when doubt can set in as well as confusion and a sense of being lost.

Always go back to reflecting on what feels good, what feels right, and what is showing up. This may be the biggest time of letting go and the release will come with both relief and grief. This could be relationships, old dreams, old story, attachments, habits, patterns, identity, work or study situations and a number of other changes. Some may fall away because of an unexpected event and you may be surprised at the ones that cause a low and the ones that move you into a high.

Words of wisdom for navigating this month:

Keep your vibration as high as you can
Don’t get stuck
Stay active no matter what
Don’t take things personally
Accept and stay neutral and flexible
Welcome change

Have fun!
Many Blessings!

Have a great month,

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