March 16, 2015

SAUDI ARABIA: Indian Man Arrested For “Liking” Blasphemous Content On Social Media. Reported To Saudi Islamic Sharia Police By A Saudi National Who Was "Offended".

Jihad Watch
written by Robert Spencer and Pakistan Today
Friday March 6, 2015

In the enlightened West, we don’t have blasphemy laws. If someone expresses what Leftists and Islamic supremacists think of as insulting Islam here, the only thing that happens is that you’re excoriated as a racist and bigot, and shunned by all decent folk. Clearly a much more progressive way of doing things.

Anyway, will any of the Islamic apologists who have recently been assuring us that Islam has no death penalty for blasphemy travel over to Saudi Arabia to explain to the relevant authorities how they’re misunderstanding Islam?

“Indian man arrested for blasphemy in Saudi Arabia,” Pakistan Today, March 6, 2015:

An Indian national in Jeddah was arrested a month ago for violating the cyber laws of the country by promoting blasphemous content.

The unnamed Indian expat who has been living in the Kingdom for two years was taken into custody by police at the airport for ‘liking’ blasphemous content ─ which led to a display of the content on his social-media profile.

The image in question depicted the Kaaba covered in Hindu deities. A Saudi national who was offended by the image reported the Indian man to the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia).

Although the Indian claims the content was shared accidentally on his profile, the team investigating him believes he is guilty of violating the law. Indian Consul General BS Mubarak confirmed that an investigation was underway; “We are trying to help him in the best possible way,” he said.

Legal experts believe the consulate will only be able to enter a plea on his behalf only after investigations have concluded and a verdict is issued.

Article 6 of the Anti-Cyber Crime law in the KSA prevents disruption of public order and morals through the creation/dissemination of electronic materials, and the country has made it to the list of ‘Worst Countries for Religious Freedom’.

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