March 18, 2015

INDIA: Muslim Files Suit Against Law Banning Child Marriage, “Offends Islam” They Are An Abomination To The Human Race! They Are A Boil On The Butt Of Humanity.

Pamela Geller
written by Pamela Geller
Saturday March 7, 2015

This Muslim lawyer wants the Indian government to allow practices sanctioned by Islamic law — he wants it to be possible for Muslims to follow Muhammad’s “perfect example” — although Aisha, Muhammad’s favorite wife, was less than half the age of this bride-to-be.

“Govt can’t stop marriage of minor Muslim girls: Plea,” TNN, March 7, 2015:

MADURAI: Even before ink could dry on the Madras high court order refusing to be a party to child marriages in the name of religion, another PIL saying government officials should not interfere with marriages solemnized under Muslim personal law has been filed in the court.

In a landmark ruling on Thursday, Justice C T Selvam had disallowed marriage of a 15-year-old Muslim girl, saying, “This court cannot, and would not, pass an order by virtue of which little girls become child brides. When there is a legislative ban on child marriages, the courts cannot go out of their way to help the promoters of child marriages.”

On Friday, Madurai-based advocate M Mohamed Abbas filed a PIL faulting government officials who had foiled the marriage of a 16-year-old girl, daughter of Syed Abuthakir of Maharajapuram village in Virudhunagar district.

Though officials said they were forced to take custody of the girl and hand her over to the district child welfare committee, the PIL said the action of social welfare officials had offended the basic tenets of Islam. The department prevented a lawful marriage under Mohammedan Law, and confined the Muslim bride in a home, the petitioner said.

He said officials did not produce the girl before the judicial magistrate concerned, and the parents were prevented from seeing the girl. Noting that the petition had been filed for the overall welfare of the Islam community, the petitioner sought the court’s direction to the government to handover the girl to her parents, and award 10 lakh compensation to the family.

When the matter came up for admission, a division bench of Justice S Tamilvanan and Justice V S Ravi directed the government to produce the girl before the court on Monday.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mub'i, a Saudi Marriage Officiant: It Is Allowed to Marry a Girl at the Age of One, If Sex Is Postponed. The Prophet Muhammad, Whose Model We Follow, Married 'Aisha When She Was Six and Had Sex with Her When She Was Nine.

Provided by Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu'bi, a Saudi marriage officiant, which aired on LBC TV on June 19, 2008:

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu'bi: Marriage is actually two things: First we are talking about the marriage contract itself. This is one thing, while consummating the marriage – having sex with the wife for the first time – is another thing. There is no minimal age for entering marriage. You can have a marriage contract even with a one-year-old girl, not to mention a girl of nine, seven, or eight. This is merely a contract [indicating] consent. The guardian in such a case must be the father, because the father's opinion is obligatory. Thus, the girl becomes a wife... But is the girl ready for sex or not? What is the appropriate age for having sex for the first time? This varies according to environment and traditions. In Yemen, girls are married off at nine, ten, eleven, eight, or thirteen, while in other countries, they are married off at 16. Some countries have legislated laws forbidding having sex before the girl is eighteen.


The Prophet Muhammad is the model we follow. He took 'Aisha to be his wife when she was six, but he had sex with her only when she was nine.

Interviewer: When she was six...

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu'bi: He married her at the age of six, and he consummated the marriage, by having sex with her for the first time, when she was nine. We consider the Prophet Muhammad to be our model.

Interviewer: My question to you is whether the marriage of a 12-year-old boy with an 11-year-old girl is a logical marriage, which is permitted by Islamic law.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mu'bi: If the guardian is the father... There are two different types of guardianship. If the guardian is the father, and he marries his daughter off to a man of appropriate standing, the marriage is obviously valid.


People find themselves in all kinds of circumstances. Take, for example, a man who has two, three, or four daughters. He does not have any wives, but he needs to go on a trip. Isn't it better to marry his daughter to a man, who will protect and sustain her, and when she reaches the proper age, he will have sex with her? Who says all men are ferocious wolves?

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