March 16, 2015

INDIA: A 22 Year Old Man Murdered His Girlfriend After He Found Out She Was Chatting With Men On Social Networks. NO Self-Control. :/

The Times of India
written by Staff
Wednesday March 11, 2015

CHENNAI - Police arrested a 22-year-old house painter on Monday for murdering his girlfriend last Saturday.

Rafiq told police that he was angry with his girlfriend Gracy Shalini for befriending men on networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Rafiq who knew Shalini since they were in school strangled her with a dupatta at his aunt's house. It came to light when Rafiq's aunt returned home on Monday evening and found the girl's decomposing body.

Police said Shalini (21) was doing an MA in literature at Quaid-E-Millath Government College for Women and lived in Vadapalani. On Saturday, she accompanied Rafiq to his aunt's house when no one else was there. The pair had been classmates till Class 12 after which Rafiq dropped out and started working as a house painter, police said.

When interrogated, Rafiq confessed that Shalini's proximity to other men on social networking sites had angered him.

"After they reached Rafiq's aunt's house, Shalini spoke to someone on her cellphone and also exchanged messages with him. Rafiq suspected that she had become intimate with the men she met online," a police officer said.

When Rafiq confronted her, she apparently "insulted" him by saying that he would never understand her online friendships as he had never been to college. "Rafiq said he felt humiliated when Shalini said that and killed her in a fit of rage," the officer said.

A magistrate's court remanded Rafiq in judicial custody.

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