February 19, 2015

Want A Peek At Your Financial Future? Here's The 2015 Chinese Zodiac Forecast.

written by Dinah Eng
[source: Fortune]

Rat: Last year was challenging. Although this year is an improvement, be conservative. This is a difficult year for speculation and change. You are better positioned in 2016.

Ox: Monitor expenditures closely. Resist impulsive buying. Stay focused on the long term. Strengthen your position. Not a year to take risks.

Tiger: The Tiger has a stable forecast, but curb the urge to be spontaneous. Planning is not the Tiger’s forte, but this is a year when it’s important to plan ahead.

Rabbit: A very auspicious year. Investment opportunities are many, both in stocks and property. Be discriminating. It’s a lucky year for you.

Dragon: Career and wealth are very strong this year. Don’t neglect family and the other aspects of life. Consult with advisors prior to making big decisions.

Snake: Focus on what you know, stick to the familiar path, avoid risky ventures, and stay on plan. Look to associates and mentors to further your career.

Horse: This is a year to slow down after a fast-paced 2014. The Horse acts before thinking and burns through money. Flamboyant Horses need a partner in finance.

Sheep: A year to pursue the arts and creative endeavors. More wealth will come from career than investment. The Sheep is an excellent entrepreneur and manager, able to navigate rocky terrain.

Monkey: Keep a level head. People love you, and you are easily influenced. Use caution, keep your ego in check, and there will be potential for expansion.

Rooster: An abundant year, with steady growth and venture opportunities. Don’t strut your stuff, though. Be discerning, strategic, and wise. The Rooster is a mastermind in business.

Dog: An excellent year for financial growth. This year’s chart favors you. Always proceed with caution and seek council, but there are opportunities for gain from career and investment.

Pig: It's a great year for the pig, who is a great friend of the sheep. Investments, business and career all have the potential to show a profit.

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