February 11, 2015

HOT 92.3 FM Listeners, Let's Show iHeartMedia That WE CONTROL OUR RADIO MARKET And What We Listen To, NOT THEM. Please Sign Petition To Bring HOT 92.3 FM Back To Los Angeles.

Art Leboe and our other favorite HOT 92.3 FM DJ's, personalities were fired last Friday morning. Cindy Garcia created a petition on Friday made out to I Heart Radio to help listeners convince them Los Angeles doesn't want another RAP noise station and we, the listeners want our Old School radio station back, REAL MUSIC!

Everytime I turned someone new onto this radio station, they immediately fell in love with the music, from all ethnicities AND all ages. HOT 92.3 FM played music that transcended all and made you feel good. It was a beautiful thing. ♥


to bring back HOT 92.3 FM to Los Angeles. There are now 7,119 signatures and growing. Let's show them that WE, the consumer, CONTROL OUR LOS ANGELES MARKET and what we listen to, NOT THEM.

Let us all aim for 1 MILLION signatures.

Share with your friends and family. Thank you so much! ♥

I want to say thank you to Cindy Garcia for setting this petition up for all of us! BIG HUG! ♥

Damon Knight shared the following on his Facebook page yesterday:

Appreciate all of you and the support that I've received over the last few days. I'm touched and love all of ya. I need to clear some things up before I continue my day. The Station flip from our beloved Old School to the new format of Hip-Hop and R&B has left a whole Community confused and without a Radio Home. There has been a marketing ploy to mislead you to think that we've "moved" or are "working elsewhere" to grab some of you to listen to another station in another city. Know this, we are without a Home just like you and are looking for our next opportunity to serve the Community like before. Helping Others Together through Music and Service. So on behalf of Jimmy Reyes, Renee Taylor, Josefa Salinas Radio Personality and myself I'd like to say God Bless You and Keep You, Peace Be With You and see you Friday Night at the Honda Center as we support our Artists and their beautiful Music. ~DK

OC Weekly
written by Gabriel San Roman
Tuesday February 10, 2015

Sunday night passed without any 'oldies but goodies' spun on LA's 92.3 FM radio station. No love zone dedications could be heard. Art Laboe's familiar, iconic Hall of Fame voice didn't soothe through speakers to his faithful, multi-generational audience. In another sudden format flip, Real 92.3 took over the frequency leaving Laboe and Old School music without a home in Los Angeles.

And listeners are really pissed. Some are even calling for a boycott of the new station. Others are signing an online petition demanding the return of Hot 92.3FM radio personalities and its playlist.

The change came early Friday morning. Real 92.3 FM kicked off its debut of mainstream hip-hop and R&B playing "10,000 joints in a row" commercial-free. iHeartMedia's Doc Wynter is the new program director and promises big things.

"The all-new Real 92.3 will be LA's new home for REAL Hip Hop and R&B --it's what LA listeners have been waiting for," he said in a press statement. Too bad the Weekly heard the same boring corporate hip-hop song playing on Real 92.3 and Power 106 at the same time while cruising around over the weekend. Oh joy!

Cindy Garcia started a Change.org petition begging to differ with Wynter. "There are several stations in Los Angeles that dominate the crowd The Real 92.3 aims to target," it reads. "Let's show iHeart Radio and Doc Wynter that Los Angeles wants their old school music back on the air. Our days with Jimmy Reyes, Josefa, Rene, Art Laboe, and the rest of the crew, were robbed from Angelenos."

The petition is steady at more than 3 thousand signatures since beginning on Friday. A boycott flyer states that the new owners "think that Old School and Chicano Music are irrelevant to their demographics" in asking people to join the tune out.

Laboe is still syndicated six nights a week in other markets, but Los Angeles is where the legend cemented his lore. And the Weekly got excited that his Hot 92.3 presented Chicano Soul Legends concert finally made its way to the Honda Center this year with other Old School shows seeming primed to set up shop there.

"Being a part of the Hot 92.3 programming for so many years afforded The Art Laboe Connection the opportunity to work with some of the best and most talented industry professionals," Laboe says with class in a press release. "We wish the best of luck to the new format and to all those that were let go to make way for Real 92.3." The station had been home for Laboe's show since 1997 when it was Jammin Oldies 100.3 FM. Three years later the frequency switched places with 92.3 FM.

His office acknowledges the response of dedicated fans. "The outpouring of emotions from our listeners has been tremendous and speaks to the power of music and Art's connection with his audience," adds Joanna Morones of Dart Entertainment.

The 89-year-old host wants to keep going and is exploring options with iHeartMedia and other radio stations to return to LA airwaves. It probably won't happen before Valentine's Day this weekend. For all the ladies and fellas in LA/OC/IE, you're going to have to get your special song requests streamed online at KOKO94.com or hope to pick up San Diego's Magic 92.5 FM signal!

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