January 26, 2015

The Golden Compass... ♥ I LOVE This Movie/Story! Don't Let Them Take Away Our FREE WILL, Our SOUL That Is What Their Animal Daemons Represent.

I'm watching "The Golden Compass" on CLOO channel. It's a magical fantasy about the adventures of a brave orphaned girl. Great story with awesome special effects. I highly recommend it. ♥ It's a spiritual battle between good and evil; light and dark forces. Guardians come forth and cross her path in order to protect the orphaned girl fulfill her destiny.

WOW! I love the message in this movie! I've seen it many times before. But I'm watching with different eyes now. I can see with more clarity. It's exactly what we find ourselves up against today! The dark forces are trying to take away our FREE WILL! Our individual uniqueness is what makes us special and we can not express that without having the FREE WILL to do so. ALL human beings are born with FREE WILL, it's part of our human nature. We were not given life so that we could live in obscene oppression, which is unnatural. We were not born into this world to be clones. If that's what God, Our Source wanted, He would have created us all to be clones with no mind, no imagination, no speech, no heart, and no emotions. That's unnatural.

We must push back and shine the LIGHT on it all over the world. We can not be afraid. Remember, darkness can not exist where there is LIGHT!

I pray the forces of nature come to our rescue. Amen. ♥

On side note, many of us have been asking when we can expect part two. Apparently the movie cost more than it made at the box office and from what I understand, the Catholic League made a big stink about it and boycotted the movie successfully. Islam probably said something too since they too believe in oppression and mind control, but they have the media muzzled, so we'll never find out.

I pray that a major studio has the guts to complete the trilogy. Part one is amazing in and of itself. But the entire story hits home and will touch many hearts. ♥

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