January 3, 2015

New Beginnings... Wow! I Was Deeply Touched By This Poem! So Beautifully Expressed ♥

I can relate... just fully trusting God on this lovely journey. ♥

New Beginnings
[Please visit her website. She has lot's of other beautiful poems.]

It's taken me some years you see,
but I'm finally becoming who I'm meant to be
No more stressing or crying or pulling my hair
Cause I'm walking my walk while floating on air
Don't care what they think
what they say is just fine
I'm in control of this life
After all it is mine
My sins are forgiven
The past is now gone
Erased failures from my memory
I've stepped into a new dawn
God lives within me, so I hold my head up high
It is He who takes the lead and I never question why
I am a new being
Created by the Master indeed
I'm living to serve
As each day He plants His seed
It matters not what they do
I can't control what they'll say
I must follow the path before me
For today is a brand new day
I am a New living being
Created by the All-Mighty indeed
Seeking peace in this world
As each day He plants His seed

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