January 19, 2015

John Ramirez, Former 3rd Ranking Santanic Priest And Author of Out of the Devil's Cauldron Shares His Testimony of Growing Up a Satanist, Touched by Jesus. Definitely Worth Your Time.

I just typed a transcript of the first 8:17 minutes of this video above for my readers who need to translate and for those who are unable to watch the video. This is John Ramirez most recent interview on TBN, Praise the Lord program. Definitely worth your time to listen to his entire story.

Host: My next guest, I'm really excited to talk to. His name is John Ramirez. He is an Evangelist and he is an author. He is a former priest of a Satanic cult in New York city. He has a passion to Evangelize the world and reveal the power of the Cross and we are going to get into some stuff right now and so would you put your hands together and receive John Ramirez.

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John Ramirez: God bless you.

Host: Amen. You know I am excited to talk to you. When they told me that you were going to be coming on this show. I thought man, this is going to be cool. Because there is a blindness on the eyes of so many people in the world and in the Body of Christ, when it comes to demonic activity and when it comes to something just as simple as the presence and the reality of hell. And so my first question for you is, is hell real?

John Ramirez: I've been there.

Host: Say it again, cause I don't know if they caught that.

John Ramirez: I've been there. After 25 years of devil worshiping. I would run regions. I would run regions from New York city to Miami, from Miami to Cuba, from Cuba to Haiti. I knew the principalities that run Haiti. I knew the principalities that run Islam. I knew the principalities that run the regions. I had contracts. I had sold my soul to the devil. I would sit with the devil all night long and speak to the devil all night long. Like I'm talking with you right now. Sometimes he manifest in a form, in a presence. Sometimes he would speak to me in my conscious. Sometimes they would have me in the room in chains when the devil was sharp. So I would speak to the devil for 25 years of devil worshiping. I never said Jesus in 25 years by the way. I was not able to say Jesus. I was after regions. I wasn't after the people. Because if I can control the regions, I can control the people. So my thing, I had all the churches asleep to witchcraft. Because they didn't know spiritual warfare. They didn't know how to engage in the spirit realm.

So basically after all of that, I encountered Jesus in a dream. After 25 years, Jesus took me to hell and I went to hell for real. I was on a train it was going faster than anything you could imagine on the Earth. And when it hit hell, the doors opened, and I saw a lot of witchcraft people that I knew, that had already died, that were in hell. When I went to hell I was saying to myself, this desperation comes on you and I was saying I can't die here, I've got to get out, this is not my destiny, this is not my purpose, there's a place I've got to get out. So I went into the tunnels of hell looking for a way out. And it feels like a fear drapes on you. It comes over you. Fear beyond you can imagine. And then I hear waling and a sound of people waling. It sounds like animals, but it sounds like human beings at the same time. The waling is horrific. The intensity you can't even describe it on Earth. I can't even scratch the surface of the intensity of hell.

And then when I went into one of the tunnels, the devil showed up and started speaking to me in demonic tongues, saying I own you, you've been with me since you were 10 years old. I own everything. I've been your father. Now you're going to betray me. And I started speaking in demonic tongues telling the devil, no I'm not going to betray you, I'm confused, I don't know what's going on. And when he went to grab me, I remember I had on a pair of blue shorts and I had a t-shirt and when he went to grab me, the cross of Jesus Christ appeared in hell, and when the cross appeared I took it, I put it on him, he fell, he melted away as though all of his strength had gone.

And when I ran deeper into hell, thinking there was a way out, he appeared again. And then he said, I'm going to kill you, I'm going to destroy you, you know too much of witchcraft, you know to much about my kingdom. Because I was in the kingdom for 25 years. I mean I was a high ranked devil worshiper. For you to come see me, to do something, tarot cards or for me to do witchcraft you had to have $10,000 or better. I would astral project and control regions. As I astral project, I would control regions because anything you can kill in the spirit realm, anything you can control in the spirit realm, you can control in the natural. So I knew all these tricks. So the devil said you know too much about my kingdom, so I have to destroy you. So I took off my shirt and I showed him the marks that I had, the marks that I had sold my soul. I had the pentagram carved into my flesh. I had marks of the devil carved into my flesh. I'll destroy you with these. He said, fool I gave you those, I own you. And then when he went to grab me again, the cross, the cross of Jesus Christ appeared and I put it on him and he melted. Then I woke up, my spirit came up so high from hell, it hit my body. I jumped out of the bed and I bend my knee to Jesus Christ after 25 years.

Host: John this is amazing because, first of all if you're tuning in and if you heard John speak and you don't think these things is real, the scripture says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. So put on the whole armor of God, that you be able to stand against the wiles of the wicked one. And the cross is so much more powerful than anything demonic that can come into our lives. And I love the fact that the cross of Christ, this is profound, showed up in hell to rescue your soul. Is there not anything that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ wouldn't do for us. If he's got to go to hell to save you, he go. As a matter of fact, he did go to hell just to save us.

John Ramirez: When I started reading the Bible, it came so much to life. Because when he said, I'll leave the 99 and I'll go after the one, that made sense to me. And when I read the Bible, I came from hell to church literally, there was no in between. I came from hell to church. So when God says, God made a spectacle, He foolish to the devil and his kingdom on the cross. It made sense to me, because he did it for me.

Host: Yeah, the Bible says when He (Jesus) ascended, He lead captivity captive and gave gifts on to men. And literally what that means, it's a picture of a Roman conqueror who takes his conquered enemy and parades them through the street as defeated foes. And that's what Jesus did when He conquered death, hell, and the grave in His resurrection. He made a spectacle of the enemy and stripped the enemy of all power for all those who are in Christ Jesus, Amen! So how did you get into Satanic worship and the occult to begin with? What were the doors that led you there. I mean it's kind of like not something that everybody just kind of happenstances upon and says oh I think today I'll join a cult. 

John Ramirez: Well, I came from a line of witches and warlocks from my father's side, generations of witches and warlocks, santaria, spirualism, palo maombe. I came from that line of witchcraft and at the age of 10 I was going to demonic church. At the age of 10 I was sitting next to demons and warlocks, people that knew the kingdom of darkness for 30, 40 to 50 years were training me to be warlock. I was going to demon church from 7 in the evening to 5 in the morning. 

Host: John, John, say that again, how long was the devil church. 

John Ramirez: From 7 in the evening until 5 in the morning.

Host: And you stayed the whole time?

John Ramirez: You can't leave and don't be late.

Another interview given by John Ramirez on TBN, Praise the Lord program. I typed a transcript from 2:39 to 4:37 minutes of the video above.

Host: Did your family dedicate you to Satan?

John Ramirez: Yes, I was dedicated at the age of 9. At the age of 10, I had my first ceremony done. And at the age of 10 1/2, I was already going to witchcraft church from 7 in the evening to 5 in the morning. Every Friday nights I would go to witchcraft church to be trained and to be discipled and get familiar with different principalities, different demons, different contracts, knowing how to operate in the spirit realm, I had to learn how to astral project, and how to put curses and witchcraft on people.

Host: So when did you really become the priest?

John Ramirez: Well, as I moved up the ranks I had to have a meeting with the devil himself and he would orchestrate and tell me, you move up to this rank, you move up to this rank. As I moved up the ranks, I got to know more pricipalities, more demons. I started to know contracts and also the shedding of the blood to make the contracts. Up in my early 20's, I was already 3rd high rank devil worshiper in New York City. Casting spells, controlling regions, closing down the 2nd and 1st Heaven, transferring spirits from one location to another, astral projected to curse neighborhoods, and to curse churches as well, and to break Christians out of their faith to bring them to the dark side.

Host: According to your book, this isn't some little thing in a compartment over here. It is nationwide and there are many successful people involved. Can you unpack that for us.

John Ramirez: Oh absolutely. You have people in politics. I had people in politics that I knew. I knew doctors. I knew judges. I knew police officers. I knew school teachers. That were involved in the occult. Because to them it was something cultural. To them it was something that they did because the family did it. They did because it was something that was introduced to them. For the reasons of health, the reason of success, the reason of power. I knew people in the music business, that if I were to tell you names, you would know who they are, household names in the music, that are devil worshipers that had sold their souls to the devil like I did. 

Listen to an incredible testimony of a former Satanic priest who became a Christian. Touched by Jesus. Changed forever. Full documentary.

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