January 18, 2015

Ben Shapiro: The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority. Breaking Down The Numbers To Open Your Eyes.

I just typed a transcript of this 6 minute informative video for my readers who need to translate and those who can't view the video:

Hey I'm Ben Shapiro with Reality Check. A couple of weeks ago HBO's Bill Maher got into it with the Islamic expert and horrifying mediocre actor who should have never ever ever play Batman Ben Affleck over whether Islam was indeed a violent religion. Here's the exchange.

Ben Afflect: You're painting the whole religion with that same brush.

Bill Maher: No, no let's get down to who has the right answer. A billion people you say. All these billion people, don't hold these pernicious beliefs?

Ben Afflect: a billion five.

Bill Maher: don't hold these pernicious beliefs?

Ben Afflect: no, they don't.

Of course he's not alone in taking the PC (politically correct) position. That Muslims the world over are tolerant and liberal. He's joined by our President, Barack Obama.

President Obama: Islam teaches peace. Muslims the world over aspire to live in dignity and a sense of justice.

Wow, it's just like John Lennon's "Imagine". Now the question isn't whether Islam itself is violent. It's what its inherent beliefs because that's what they act upon. There's plenty of violent material in the old and new testament. Hey, I'm an orthodox Jew. I read the old testament a lot. But believers in those particular text are not currently ramming airliners, into towers, or beheading journalists or mutilating female genitalia. So, let's examine the question:

Is radicalism in the Muslim world a tiny minority phenomenon?

So to answer that question, we need to define our terms. We're really not talking about people who are active terrorists. Radical beliefs a lot broader than terrorists and anybody who argues otherwise is being naive or disingenuous. BUT, terrorists draw their moral, financial and religious support from those who are not terrorists themselves. SO, where are the radicals. Ben Afflect actually was right about this. There are approximately 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet and they're from 49 different countries in terms of where they have the majority. All the population stats are from Pew Research as of 2011. Indonesia is the world's most populous country. It's got almost 205 million Muslims living there. According to one 2009 poll, it showed almost 50% of Indonesians actually support strict sharia law, not just in Indonesia, but in a lot of countries and 70% blame the United States, Israel or somebody else for 9/11. So, you make that calculation, it's about 143 million people who are radicalized. You scared yet, well we're just getting started.

Egypt, 80 million Muslims. According to that same 2009 poll, it showed that 65% want strict sharia law in every Islamic country and almost 70% said that they have positive or mixed feelings about Bin Laden. So, that's 55.2 million more radicals.

Pakistan has almost 179 million. 76%, just over three quarters, want strict sharia law in all Islamic countries. That is another 135.4 million radicals.

Bangladesh, not a country you tend to think of as Muslim, but there are 149 million Muslims living there. As of 2013, just over a quarter said suicide bombings or targeting of civilians was sometimes justified. Another 82% want sharia to be the official law of the country and two thirds said honor killings of women can sometimes be justified. Honor killings! TWO THIRDS, 121.9 million more radicals.

Nigeria, 75.7 million Muslims live there. 71% favor sharia law. That's 53.7 million more radicals.

Iran, 78.4 million Muslims. 83% favor implementation of sharia law as of last year. So that's 62.1 million more radicals.

Turkey has 74.7 million Muslims and 32% in a moderate Muslim country, probably the most moderate Muslim country, 32% said honor killings of women can actually be justified sometimes. That's 23.9 million radical Muslims in our moderate ally Turkey.

Morocco, 32.4 million Muslims live there. Just over three quarters support sharia law. That's 24.6 million radical Muslims.

Iraq, 31.1 million Muslims live there. 78% say honor killings of women can sometimes be justified. That amounts to 24.3 million Muslim radicals.

Afghanistan, 24 million people. A huge majority, 76% support at least occasionally, once in while, honor killings of women. 99% actually want sharia to be law of the land. 24 million radical Muslims over there in Afghanistan.

Jordan, smaller Muslim country 6.4 million Muslims. Right now, Hamas is enjoying like a 60% approval rating. So, 3.8 million radical Muslims in Jordan. Which again is a moderate Muslim country.

Palestinian areas, where we are sending literally hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian areas, we are, the American taxpayers, 4.3 million Muslims live in the Palestinian areas. 78% of those had positive or mixed feelings about Bin Laden. 89% support terror attacks on our ally Israel. 89% support sharia. We should give them a state folks (sarcasm). That's 3.83 million radical Muslims.

How in the West, let's take it to France. France 4.7 million Muslims live there. A 2007 poll showed 35% of French Muslims said suicide bombings could sometimes be justified. 1.6 million radical Muslims living in France.

Great Britain, 2.8 million Muslims live there. 78% want the cartoonist of Mohammad to be legally prosecuted. So we're talking about 2.2 million radicals in Great Britain.

How about here in the United States. Well we have a very moderate Muslim population, we do 2.6 million Muslims live here according to Pew Research. 13% said violence against civilians can be justified. 19% said they were either favorable towards al Qaeda or they just didn't know, you know because who knows really (sarcasm). That's almost 500,000 radical Muslims here in the United States.

Here is the total of the countries we've gone through just now, 680 million 30 thousand, 680,030,000 radical Muslims and that's out of a total population in those countries of 942.4 million Muslims total and it seems fair to assume that similar porportions of people in Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Yemem, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya (Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, India, Malaysia, many European nations, Central Asian nations, Caucaus region, many African nations, etc.) are also radicalized and if they are, then well we're above 800 million Muslims who are radicalized, more than HALF of the Muslims on EARTH. That's NOT a minority. That's now a MAJORITY and that's still not even surveying hundreds of millions of Muslims in other countries. In other words, the myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority is just that, it's a myth and unfortunately it's a myth that's going to get a lot of civilized people killed.

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