December 21, 2014

POEM: The Criminal V by Khalil Gibran. I Shared This Post On 7/17/09 Because This Is What I Saw Coming Down The Pike.

I shared this message on July 17, 2009 because this is what I saw coming down the pike for America, as is evident today. The criminal element in our nation has been spawned by chronically impoverished cities across America maintained this way by "community organizers" and "civil rights leaders" and other dark malevolent forces merely pretending to care, and only out for personal gain. The criminal element thus has been grossly nurtured by the Marxists, together with the Nation of Islam, who have seized the opportunity to use our society's weakness, our vulnerable, to undermine our standard of living, our precious civilized way of life, in order to usher in their oppressive ideology on the false premise of "social justice" and "equality". The criminal element doesn't know any better because they were raised in utter darkness and the darkness swallowed them up. It was only a matter of time, the darkness would use them to swallow the rest of us up.
I'm not in any way justifying the criminals actions. I abhor what they do. They grossly disrespect another person's individual autonomy. I'm merely saying they have never been taught the difference between right and wrong. They have never been taught manners. They have never been taught to be responsible human beings. They have never been taught what character means. They have never been allowed to play and have innocent fun in a safe environment. They were robbed of their innocence early on in their youth. Most have only felt pain from birth. They have never felt genuine love and respect, therefore they are void of love and respect for others.

I'm ever so grateful to the non-profit organizations like Joyce Meyer Ministries: Hand of Hope Outreach Programs, Paula White Ministries Outreach Programs, T.D. Jakes: The Potter's House Outreach Programs and many others across America. But it is obviously not enough, more desperately needs to be done. Our nation must come together to find a way to break the stronghold that the dark forces has on these chronically impoverished cities across America. Think about it, our government has thrown billions of tax dollars at the federal, state and local level to supposedly help these chronically impoverished cities across America for decades. How has this money been spent? Has anything changed? Who has been stealing this money? Who has been benefiting? I'll tell you who has been stealing this money and benefiting, the very same people who want to keep these cities impoverished and keep the people downtrodden so they can continue stealing the money and benefiting. These people are otherwise known as "professional poverty pimps". In the same manner that drug dealers need to keep their customers addicted to their drugs in order to remain in business, "professional poverty pimps" must keep souls impoverished to maintain their lifestyles. Why do you think swindlers keep getting voted into office in these chronically impoverished cities? You shall know them by their fruit.

We must strike at the root cause of the problem and stop fixing the symptoms. We can solve this problem together, it is possible, with Love leading the way. ♥

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The Criminal V
A poem by Khalil Gibran

A young man of strong body, weakened by hunger, sat on the walker's portion of the street stretching his hand toward all who passed, begging and repeating his hand toward all who passed, begging and repeating the sad song of his defeat in life, while suffering from hunger and from humiliation.

When night came, his lips and tongue were parched, while his hand was still as empty as his stomach.

He gathered himself and went out from the city, where he sat under a tree and wept bitterly. Then he lifted his puzzled eyes to heaven while hunger was eating his inside, and he said, "Oh Lord, I went to the rich man and asked for employment, but he turned me away because of my shabbiness; I knocked at the school door, but was forbidden solace because I was empty- handed; I sought any occupation that would give me bread, but all to no avail. In desperation I asked alms, but They worshippers saw me and said "He is strong and lazy, and he should not beg."

"Oh Lord, it is Thy will that my mother gave birth unto me, and now the earth offers me back to You before the Ending."

His expression then changed. He arose and his eyes now glittered in determination. He fashioned a thick and heavy stick from the branch of the tree, and pointed it toward the city, shouting, "I asked for bread with all the strength of my voice, and was refused. Not I shall obtain it by the strength of my muscles! I asked for bread in the name of mercy and love, but humanity did not heed. I shall take it now in the name of evil!"

The passing years rendered the youth a robber, killer and destroyer of souls; he crushed all who opposed him; he amassed fabulous wealth with which he won himself over to those in power. He was admired by colleagues, envied by other thieves, and feared by the multitudes.

His riches and false position prevailed upon the Emir to appoint him deputy in that city - the sad process pursued by unwise governors. Thefts were then legalized; oppression was supported by authority; crushing of the weak became commonplace; the throngs curried and praised.

Thus does the first touch of humanity's selfishness make criminals of the humble, and make killers of the sons of peace; thus does the early greed of humanity grow and strike back at humanity a thousand fold!

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