December 23, 2014

MEXICO: Mexican Police Arrested Masterminds Behind 43 Kidnapped Students, Iguala Mayor and His Wife Now Behind Bars.

Breitbart news
written by Ildefonso Ortiz
November 6, 2014

A Mexican mayor turned fugitive is now behind bars in connection with the disappearance of 43 education students from the Mexican town of Iguala.

Early Tuesday morning, Mexican federal police arrested former Iguala Mayor Jose Luis Abarca and his wife Maria de Los Angeles Pineda in a suburb of Mexico City. Both had been running from the law after Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (PGR) accused them of being the masterminds behind the kidnapping and possible murder of 43 education students that were likely to hold a protests and interrupt a public speech by Pineda on September 26.

According to the PGR, Abarca ordered his police chief to arrest the students but then they were turned over to a drug cartel called Guerreros Unidos, which authorities claim Pineda had a leadership role and family connections in.

Following their arrest on charges of murder, attempted murder and kidnapping, both Abarca and Pineda were taken to the PGR’s Organized Crime Division for questioning.
The disappearance of the 43 students who were known for their anarchist views and constant protests have led to a series of protests and marches some of which have turned violent and even led to the torching of government buildings.

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