December 26, 2014

IRAQ/SYRIA: Islamic State (ISIS) Release 7 Rules For Christians To Follow If They Want To Live, Including Praying Out Of Earshot Of Muslims And Never Mocking Islam.

Are all of the 40,000+ Muslims that have joined ISIS from all around the world "deranged lone wolves"? and how about the MILLIONS of Muslims that support ISIS in their nation that granted them asylum? Are you going to tell me they are not Muslim too? Based on your theory the classified "deranged lone wolves" committing heinous crimes around the world are not Muslim, then Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Brunei are not Islamic either just to name a few. These Rules or Islamic sharia law for Christians that ISIS is imposing are the same laws imposed in Saudi Arabia, Iran and in the other Islamic countries I mentioned above. Oh and by the way, what ISIS is doing in Iraq, Syria and beyond, Ayatollah Khomeini and the Mullahs did in 1979 and Omar al-Bashir (a member of the Muslim Brotherhood) did in Sudan (Darfur genocide) in 1989.

This is a pretty twisted idea of what the word "peace" means when Muslims around the world forcefully impose their oppressive Islamic beliefs on all non-Muslims wherever they live. When Islamic beliefs are not complied with, the sentence is death or at the least obscene harassment. No different than the Marxist Communist. You shall know them by their fruits. Oppression in any form is not "peaceful" or "loving". I swear they remind me of the Necromongers from one of my favorite movies, The Chronicles of Riddick. Watch it and you'll see what I mean. :/

Peace defined by Merriam-Webster: a state of tranquility or quiet, freedom from civil disturbance, freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions, harmony in personal relations.

Moderate defined by Merriam-Webster: avoiding extremes of behavior or expression: observing reasonable limits. Calm, temperate.

Monthly Islamic Jihad Report
November, 2014
Jihad Attacks: 284 <= that's a lot of "lone wolves" and it's only ONE MONTH.
Countries: 23
Allah Akbars*: 41
Dead Bodies: 2,515
Critically Injured: 2,700
*Suicide Attacks
Weekly Jihad Report
Dec 13 - Dec 19, 2014
Jihad Attacks: 54
Allah Akbars*: 6
Dead Bodies: 857
Critically Injured: 466
*Suicide Attacks
[source: Religion of Peace]

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Steph Cockroft
Wednesday December 24, 2014
  • Strict rules say there should never be any treachery against Islamic State
  • Christians also banned from displaying crosses or praying aloud in public
  • Rules in return for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi protecting Christians in Raqqa
  • Terror group has imposed hardline Islamist law in ISIS-controlled city
The Islamic State has released a list of rules dictating how Christians living in the Syrian city of Raqqa should behave, including the instruction to never pray in public or within earshot of a Muslim.

In the list of seven rules that Christians must obey, the terror group also warns that there should never be any 'treachery' against ISIS, nor any mockery directed towards Muslims or Islam.

The new set of restrictions are applicable to those living in ISIS-controlled Raqqa, previously one of Syria's most liberal areas.

They are said to be in return for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi - the head of Islamic State and the most wanted man in the Middle East - granting safety to Christians in the war-torn city, according to the International Business Times.

In the document, it says al-Baghdadi will safeguard 'their selves, children, money and churches', if Christians obey the stringent list of rules.

It comes just months after the jihadists banned Christians in Raqqa from drinking alcohol in public or from trading pigs or alcohol in markets.

The document opens with a lengthy quote from the Quran which describes how Christians are 'in a state of subjection'.

It says: 'Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgement of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.'

It goes on to explain that public worship and treachery against ISIS is forbidden.

It adds that Christians in Raqqa are no longer allowed to construct churches or even repair any damaged churches in their villages.

They are also banned from publicly showing their crosses in Muslim areas or in their own market places.

The rules then describe how ISIS have forbidden Christians to 'raise their voices when praying or in other acts of worship'.

In a statement which effectively bans Christians from openly reading from the Bible, the statement says that Muslims 'do not hear the recitation of their books out loud'.

Likewise, the document prescribes that all acts of worship must be carried out inside a church and never in public.

Christians have also been ordered not to prevent any of their fellow Christians from converting to Islam.

ISIS have also declared that it is illegal for Christians to 'carry out any actions of enmity to the Islamic State such as helping air strikes locate their positions'.

Defying these rules could result in death.

Raqqa has become increasingly conservative after the terror group began imposing hardline Islamist law and handing out punishments to those who did not follow orders.

The last of the government forces were driven out of the area in August. The terror group - which has seized wide expanses of territory in Iraq and Syria - subsequently seized an air base and executed score of Syrian soldiers.

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