October 8, 2014

Selenelion ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse On October 8th: When to Watch, and How to Work With its Energies.

When to Watch, and How to Work With its Energies
written by Dr. Kelly Neff
[source: The Mind Unleashed]


On the evening of Tues October 7/Morning of Wed October 8, a rare and exciting astrological event will take place: A Selenelion, or a total lunar eclipse taking place at the same time as the rising or setting of the sun. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon goes into the shadow of the earth, and depending upon the atmospheric conditions of earth, it can appear different shades of red (like the blood moon eclipse that happened in April, pictured above). The passage of the eclipse of the moon is featured in this space.com diagram.

This week’s eclipse will especially unusual and rare. At the time of the eclipse, the sun and the moon will be exactly 180 degrees apart in perfect alignment, but BOTH with visible in the sky at the same time for some minutes depending upon your location. According to celestial geometry, this event is an impossibility. But thanks the refraction caused by the earth’s atmosphere, the images of both the sun and the moon will be lifted in the sky, allowing people to see the sun for several minutes before it actually has risen, and the moon for several minutes before it has actually set. Very cool!

The best places to view the eclipse are highlighted in this map from Space.com. Possibly the most stunning views will happen on the East Coast of the US on the morning of October 8th, where those east of the Mississippi will have the rare opportunity to see geometrically ‘impossible’ phenomenon of the eclipsed moon setting in the west while the sun rises in the east. Some parts of Korea, China and Australia will also see the inverse ‘impossible’ phenomenon, with the eclipsed moon rising as the sun is settng. Those further west and east in both regions will see varying degrees of umbral and penumbral stains on the moon on either the evening of October 7th or the morning of October 8th. People in the central regions of the Pacific, such as Hawaii, will see the totality of the eclipse overhead during the middle of the night on October 7-8th.


Astrologically, this eclipse in particular brings highly transformational energies. While people sometimes dread eclipses because of the energies that can be stirred up (not to mention the ominous blood-red color), this is not something to fear, especially if you are conscious and prepared. This is the fourth of a series of lunar eclipses this year, and all have brought with them a focus on endings, beginnings, changes, deaths, and rebirths. This week’s eclipse will be the most powerful of the year, heralding in extreme change and radical shifts, both on individual and societal levels. The moon falls in the sign of Aries (the Greek God of war) which is ruled by Mars, a volatile sign twinged with warrior energy and fire. (For more in depth information on the astrological alignment taking place and all of its features, I recommend consulting with Mystic Mamma.)

It is of utmost importance to remain conscious of how you are working with these energies- During periods of intense transformation such as these, emotions can run HIGH- we can become reactive instead of active, we can become angry and direct our frustrations to the people close to us. Because communication difficulties are being exacerbated by the Mercury Retrograde from Oct 3rd- Oct 25th, it is especially crucial to be explicit with communication and to not take things personally! Here are some other tips especially relevant to working with the energy of this total lunar eclipse in Aries:
  • Be mindful of your anger and of overreacting or being too sensitive. When in doubt, think before you speak.
  • Seek Clarity: Do NOT jump to conclusions or make decisions based on assumptions!
  • Embrace Truth above all else, even if it hurts.
  • Seek Balance- It may be difficult to ground or find balance during this time but try your best, find your strength and abilities to avoid going to extremes.
  • Accept that old feelings, traumas and pain may come to the surface so that they can be released. Honor them and set them free.
  • Allow the fires of change to purge you of what no longer serves you. Do not hold on to these things because of your fear of the unknown. Let go.
  • Act with wisdom. Change will happen, and the way that you react to the change can often determine your outcomes.
  • Seek out harmony within yourself and with the other people in your life.
  • Respect and love all living things- Some people may be acting from their shadow side, but you can rise above this.
  • Believe in Miracles. The Selenelion eclipse is a improbability in celestial geometry and yet, we will see it. So you too can you make the impossible possible with your intentions.
An old Chinese Proverb says that “When the winds of change blow through, some build windmills while others build walls.” This week, try letting the walls blow down and build yourself some windmills.

Sending many blessings and love to you all.

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