October 24, 2014

EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood Attacks Busy Public District Near A Subway Station With A Homemade Bomb, Injuring 12 People On Wednesday October 15th.

The Daily Star, Lebanon
written by AP staff
Wednesday October 15, 2014

CAIRO: Egypt's state news agency says a blast in central Cairo has wounded 12 people.

MENA quoted a senior security official as saying that the Tuesday explosion was caused by a home-made bomb placed in the vicinity of a court house in central Cairo. The site of the attack is a busy district and near a subway station.

The agency quoted Mohammed Sultan, a health minister official as saying that the blast caused no deaths and that 12 people were wounded.

Egypt has witnessed a series of suicide bombings, assassinations and attacks over the past year after the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammad Morsi after demonstrations demanding his resignation.

Morsi's ouster sparked a wave of Islamic militants' attacks targeting mainly police and army.

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