October 28, 2014

CHINA: 16 Killed, 11 Injured As Coal Mine Shaft Collapses In China’s Xinjiang Region

China coal and rail map source: http://library.mtroyal.ca/maps/china.jpg

The Wall Street Journal
written by AP staff
Saturday October 25, 2014

A coal mine shaft collapsed in northwestern China, killing 16 miners, China’s state-controlled news agency said Saturday.

Another 11 miners were injured in the disaster that struck just before midnight Friday in Tiechanggou township, outside the Xinjiang regional capital of Urumqi.

China’s mines are among the most dangerous in the world, although improved safety measures have lowered the death toll in recent years.

Officials from the government’s work-safety watchdog say they were looking into the matter. A man who answered the phone at the mine’s offices said he couldn't comment and calls to the Xinjiang regional safety administration went unanswered.

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