October 8, 2014

CHILE: Chilean Government-Owned Oil Company Enap Says, Chile Tanker Oil Spill Is 7 Times Bigger Than Initial Estimates. :(

Latin American Herald Tribune
written by Staff
Friday October 3, 2014

SANTIAGO – Chilean state oil company Enap released a statement Friday correcting an earlier estimate of a crude spill from a tanker in Quintero Bay, at a spot some 154 kilometers (95 miles) from Santiago, saying it was more than seven times larger than initially believed.

Enap has invested more than 4 billion Chilean pesos (some $6.7 million) in the clean-up effort following the incident, which occurred on Sept. 24 due to an error during an offloading operation involving the LR Mimosa tanker and a tugboat.

The technical report, which now states that 22,000 cubic meters (5.8 million gallons) were spilled, up from an earlier estimate of 3,000 cubic meters, was submitted Thursday to the Electricity and Fuel Superintendence and the Quintero Port Authority.

Of the amount invested, 40 percent corresponds to the clean-up crew, Enap said in the report, adding that more than 1,200 people have been involved in the remediation work on the beaches of Quintero, Loncura, Ventanas and Horcon and that all available boats have been used in that effort.

Enap also said it intended to use the proper legal avenues to determine those responsible for the spill and ensure they cover the cost of repairing the environmental and economic damage.


The Maritime Executive
written by Marex
Thursday September 25, 2014

An oil spill has been reported at Quintero Bay, Nr Valparaiso, Chile, following an incident on Wednesday at the Monobuoy Terminal when the MT Mimosa cut off hoses and cargo connection, resulting in a spill of around three cubic meters at sea.

Following the incident, ENAP (terminal owners) in coordination with the National Maritime Authority of Chile deployed a team of expert environmental personnel to mitigate the impact on the environment, by employing absorbent sleeves and installing barriers with an 800 meters extension. Concurrently, an investigation was established with the involved stakeholders to determine the causes of this incident.

The oil spill teams are continuing with the environmental clean-up and where affected, vessels will continue to be cleansed before departure. Port operations have not been stopped but currently the ENAP terminals Monobuoy, Multibuoy and LPG are not working.


Trade Winds News
written by Staff
Wednesday September 24, 2014

Enap, the Chilean government-owned oil company, said the spill was detected today at its Enap Refinerias Maritime Terminal when a tanker’s moorings snapped, causing it to break its connection to the terminal’s offshore buoy.

The company did not identify the vessel, but local media reported it as the 73,400-dwt LR Mimosa (built 2006). Vessel tracking data show the vessel remains at Quintero.

Enap said it was working to estimate how much cargo was spilled, but it is not expected to exceed 2,000 litres. The cargo has not been identified, although Chile is a significant motor gasoline importer.

The company said it immediately activated its contingency plan in conjunction with Chile’s Maritime Authority, which led to quick containment of the spill.

“An investigation will be started to determine the cause of the incident,” Enap said.

Athens-based Empire Navigation, a Stamatis Molaris-controlled shipowner that boasts a fleet of 13 tankers, could not be reached for comment after business hours in Greece.

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