October 19, 2014

Achieving Happiness With A Lighthearted And Easygoing Attitude

written by Staff
[source: Live Life Well, Lifestyle Health and Wellness Concepts]

So, you want to be happy and have fun in life but your problems and obstacles are weighing you down and stopping you from achieving this enjoyable pleasure. Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to change that, or is there?

Well, you may not be able to change your current predicament, but you can try adopting an attitude of lightheartedness and watch how quickly you can inject an element of fun and laughter into your daily lifestyle. It's as simple as that. Of course, it will require some effort to adapt, and it is an ongoing lifelong work in progress, but it's well worth it.

Sure, life will present serious situations that require careful and deep thought, your undivided attention, and a serious attitude, but we shouldn't overdo it either. Everything doesn't merit or require an unpleasant and serious attitude. In fact, obsessive worrying and becoming stressed out is unhealthy for you and doesn't resolve anything, but can possibly make you sick.

Laughter is great medicine and maintaining a cheerful and playful lighthearted attitude and approach towards what you're doing, can only help you. Sure, you're responsible and you work hard too, but that doesn't mean that you have to be ridged and dry like some old bread without jam. Be serious if you have to deal with an emergency, but don't turn everything into a serious and intense situation. If you do, you will probably be missing out on many of the beautiful things your life has to offer. Create balance in your life. Be serious about completing a task, but get it done while maintaining a cheerful and healthy attitude and approach. You do not want to look back later in life with regret.Thinking that you were too ridged and serious to take advantage of the golden opportunities that were right in front of you. Most people tend to look back and think about whether they were happy and had good experiences. They tend to remember who they shared those good experiences with and what they were doing at that time. Most of the good times in our lives involved good feelings and emotions. We felt good, the situation was good and we were happy. How you approach a situation affects your experience, and your experiences make up all the moments in your life.Our accomplishments are almost meaningless if they are associated with bad experiences and bad memories. Every time we think of a situation or an accomplishment, our emotions kick in and we automatically start to remember whether we had a pleasant or an unpleasant experience. So it's not just about getting the job done, it's also about how you get it done.

Personality has a lot to do with a persons' attitude. Some people tend to be quiet and serious, as though they're always deep in thought and worrying about something. They seem to be a little depressed, and often have difficulty enjoying themselves in social situations. These folks tend to think that getting things done with great accuracy is what's most important. Other people are always kidding around, acting silly and trying desperately to create a amazing social experience and a good time. They may seem not to care much about being constructive and getting the job done perfectly. While others seem to know when it's appropriate to be serious, silly, or a combination of both. They accomplish their goals and objectives, and they do it with style and playfulness. They seem to know how to create balance and get the best of both worlds. Your objective is to squeeze in as many good experiences as possible, while accomplishing great things in all aspects of your life-wellness.

Use your perspective, attitude and approach to help you to maintain a positive level of happiness and to provide opportunities that enrich your life and the world around you. Choosing to approach everyday with a happy and healthy attitude can make the difference between living a good life or a bad one. If you approach everything with a serious and controlling attitude, you're probably going to create or exacerbate bad situations. You will only make matters worse. You can't take those moments back and redo your experiences, so it's ultimately your choice as to how you're going to view and experience each moment. It's not just about being constructive or changing what you're doing, it's also about changing your perspective, attitude, and approach that ultimately matters.

Be serious but playful when the situation calls for it. Know which situations require a serious attitude, and which ones do not. Try your best to lighten up and have more fun as often as you can, while striving to accomplish your objectives. This doesn't mean you always try to be silly or funny. You don't want to be a clown looking for laughs, but you also don't need to be a miserable, dry, and ridged person either.

You can still do what you have to do, but do it with the least amount of negative drama and intensity as possible. You can minimize the negative drama by maintaining a lighthearted, cheerful, and carefree attitude. Being carefree, joyful, and content isn’t about being irresponsible, but it is about being open to enjoying the moment without unnecessary worry, or a dysfunctional need to control people or situations.

There are a lot of benefits to having an easygoing perspective and to approaching everything you do with a lighthearted playful attitude. It can lead to better emotional health, improve relationships, enhance positive experiences, etc. Laughter and a lighthearted healthy attitude, impacts all aspects of your life in a positive way, and in the same way that being serious, rigorous, and strict affects all aspects of your life in a negative manner. It's common sense if you think about it.
Achieving success is not just measured by the financial wealth that you accumulate, but by the life you lead. Can you have a successful life if you don't enjoy it? No, not really. A successful person is someone who is healthy, content, and joyful. A person who is able to achieve a high state of life-wellness, and can maintain a well-balanced and well-rounded successful lifestyle.

It is so important to put yourself in positive situations as often as possible. Try spending more time doing the things that you enjoy. A lot of your day-to-day activities and situations maybe boring, but you can turn most of them into positive experiences by simply maintaining a lighthearted and easygoing attitude.

Try to make your regular activities more fun. Almost any task or chore can become tedious and mundane if you do it enough times with the wrong attitude. But you can change all of that by changing your prospective and approach. For example, you can create an upbeat, cheerful and positive situation while you're doing mundane chores such as house cleaning, laundry, cooking, or painting a room, simply by playing music, singing, and incorporating simple Qi gong movements and deep breathing exercises.

It's easier to maintain a lighthearted and cheerful attitude when you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, then when you are unhealthy and sick. It's extremely difficult to be upbeat, when you are physically ill or when you're experiencing anxiety and mood swings. It's also difficult to maintain inner-peace and tranquility while you have a serious and intense attitude. Lack of motivation and inspiration also makes it difficult to maintain a lighthearted and positive attitude. In fact, almost anything can negatively affect your ability to maintain a lighthearted and easygoing attitude. It's a known fact that the majority of people who exercise on a regular basis, maintain good eating habits, get enough sleep, and allocate time to take care of themselves and their life-wellness, are happier and more successful than those who don't. Are you doing everything you can to take care of yourself and maintain a relaxed, lighthearted and constructive positive attitude? It's also important to work towards understanding and resolving any emotional issues that you may have.

Try to pin point what is stopping you from living your life with a positive and constructive lighthearted attitude. With enough practice, you'll eventually figure out that creating balance in your life is the best strategy, and that worrying and obsessing isn’t going to help anything but rob you of your health and of the precious and happy moments and opportunities that you could have had, if you'd only approached things with a lighthearted and positive attitude. Choosing to focus more on the lighter side of life won't resolve all of your problems, but it can definitively make you feel better, and that can lead to living a happy and fulfilled life. It's your choice, so choose wisely.

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